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8 Causes of Gallbladder Disease, Pain, Dysfunction

You are virtually guaranteed to have a gallbladder problem past the age of 40. But now, I see gallbladder issues even in young children.

Just yesterday, a new patient of mine had right sided neck pain. I found a sluggish gallbladder in this 12 year old girl was the real culprit.

There are cases where the gallbladder is so damaged and riddled with stones that a surgery is in order. I agree. However, you still must get to the cause. And a gallbladder full of stones is NOT the cause.

In the video below I talk about 8 different causes. And, I also give a few product recommendations to cover some of the basics. Here are direct links to the products:

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You must cover the basics of digestion before starting with anything else.

Enjoy the video…

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