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Allergy Injections For All

While driving in the town I live in the other day,  I saw a sign at a clinic that said:

Allergy Injections performed here

Tis the season.

Spring hits and people’s “allergies” kick in. With more pollen in the air, the body has to work harder to keep itself clean.

But are injections the answer?

I will tell you from my personal experience…

Not a chance.

I did that torture for 3 years straight as a teenager.

Every Saturday morning at 10:00 I would get 3 shots. 2 in one arm, and 1 in the other. Then the next weekend it would switch arms.


I couldn’t stand it. And, it never “cured” my allergies.

I still had them. The horrible congestion, the feeling wiped out after I was exposed to something like hay.

The itchy eyes that makes you want to scratch them out. And the seemingly endless Kleenex’s. I could be wiped out and fatigued for hours.

I didn’t know if I would ever be “normal”, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to give up either.

So I studied, and I learned about how the body really works.

I learned about the cells of the body and how they work.

I learned about the all important nervous system, you know, the one that makes EVERYTHING in the body work.

And I learned that the body also works on an energetic level that science is now starting to talk about in books such as…

“The Field” by Lynne Mctaggart.

So how does this apply to allergies?

Because in order to “not need your allergies anymore” you have to improve the body’s systems.

And you do that by improving the cells, the nervous system, and the biofield (the energetic field that surrounds the body giving life to it).

I improved my systems so that my body was strong enough, and resilient enough to finally tackle…


Yep, parasites.

If you have been on my email list for any length of time you have have heard me talk about these nasty critters before.

But the truth is that it wasn’t until I fully cleared them that my “allergies” went away.

You see, my body really wasn’t reacting to pollen, grass, trees, etc.

At least that’s not the whole story.

My body was toxic on the inside. But you can’t clear up the inside until you improve the function of your nervous system, your cells, and your biofield.

At least not for long.

Allergies are a warning sign that something is WRONG.


And injecting yourself with who knows what is not going to solve the problem either.

Only improving your cells function.

Improving your nervous system.

And making sure your energetic system is in top working order will do it.

I can tell you one thing….

I am sure glad I never stopped searching for answers to my “allergies”.

Living the way I do now is WAY more enjoyable!

If you or somebody you know is struggling with allergies, send them to our office.

I will do everything I can to help them because I know how much of a toll it can take on your body.

Dr. Brant

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