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An Answered Prayer – Using the Theatre of the Mind

Just last week I had a new patient write on her new patient intake form that I was an answer to her prayers.

She had been searching and searching for answers, and was just not finding the answers she was looking for.

She wrote after the Referred By: I found you on the computer after praying! So I guess God did.

And I couldn’t agree more.

I truly believe this is how it ALWAYS works. It’s how I was helped all those years ago, and what led me into this career path.

Here is a little bit about my story…

I went off to college not knowing what I wanted to do. I knew it had something to do with the human body,  since I had always been fascinated by muscles, bones and in general how this amazing system works.

But I didn’t really know WHAT or HOW I wanted to apply this.

Originally I thought I would be some type of personal trainer helping people with their fitness.

Or maybe even a physical therapist.

I just didn’t know.

But I thought about it all the time. In essence I prayed about it.

And after sustaining a career ending track injury, I soon had the answer as to what I was going to do with my life.

It was through my struggles and difficulties that put the drive in me to fix myself first.

And along the way, I learned a mountain of information, and I was introduced to the amazing technology of Applied Kinesiology.

At that point I knew I couldn’t be a personal trainer because there was so much more happening in people’s bodies.

And I couldn’t be a physical therapist for the same reasons. Don’t get me wrong, both of these professions have tremendous value, they just weren’t my calling.

I was being led down a path that was new and exciting.

Nobody I knew had even heard about it.

I truly believe I was meant to have a career ending injury. It led me down a path that I never would have had the opportunity to go down.

And it’s the same with the new patients I meet.

I try to instill in them that everything does have some sort of purpose. You may not know it at the time, or you may not ever know the true extent of it, but there is a purpose.

Believe me, I didn’t want any of my problems either and was frustrated at my situation.

I had to watch my training partner get 7th in Division II Nationals for the 100 meter dash….

And I was faster than him!

Many of the problems people come into my office for are far, far worse than what I had, but my point is that there is always a purpose.

When one door closes, another door opens.

And my open door was to become a doctor specializing in kinesiology, nutrition, detoxification, etc.

Another person’s open door may be to reestablish a connection with their body.

Another person’s may be to make a change BEFORE something big like cancer, heart disease, or a neurodegenerative disease sets in.

We don’t always listen, but there are hands guiding us.


It reminds me of a guy who came in a few years ago.

His only complaint was that he had horrible left shoulder pain. He didn’t have any injury to the joint, but he was convinced it was a muscle/joint problem.

Well, through my exam I found out that it had nothing to do with his shoulder, but it was a….


And I sensed that he needed help like yesterday.

So I told him that he absolutely needed to go to the hospital, but he just wouldn’t do it.

Nothing I said could get him to listen. He was convinced he just needed a “crack” in the upper back, lower neck region and he would be good.

Well, I never saw him again, but 3 weeks later somebody who knew him told me that 2 weeks after he was in, he had a massive heart attack.

Fortunately, he lived.

Sometimes we just need to listen. Answers to our problems almost always come in the form of other people.

This reminds me of yet another story.

A nutrition rep for one of the companies I work with is an excellent kinesiologist.

This is the guy that goes out into the field and teaches all the doctors all about their products. How to use them, when to use them. How to test for them, etc.

So he gets to travel a lot and meet a lot of doctors.

Well, he was at one particular doctor’s office who is very well known for his nutritional work. He has patients from all over who come to him for help with chronic problems.

So far so good.

But, he himself has HORRIBLE sinus congestion.

Has had it for years. So my friend tested him and figured out what was wrong with him and recommended a  treatment program.

But the doctor turned him down.

He told my friend that God was going to do the healing and he wasn’t going to take anything.


I’m not sure about you, but it doesn’t make much sense to me.

The moment my friend told me this story, I immediately thought God IS trying to help him!

He’s just not letting the healing in.

From day 1 as a doctor, I realized that if my patients were going to heal, then I needed to softly help them take down some of the barriers they have created.

It’s amazing the barriers we want to put up.

In all areas of our lives, really.

So many people pray for answers to their struggles, but when the door opens, they walk right on by.

It’s as if that couldn’t possibly be the answer.

So I encourage you to tune your brain to recognize opportunities. Set the intention, pray, go into the Theatre of the Mind and just watch what happens to your life.

The mind is a marvelous machine, but only if used correctly.

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