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Antacids, Acid Blockers and the Effect on Chronic Liver Disease

I’ve been saying it for years and now we finally have a study to prove it. Antacid drugs are a causative agent in chronic liver disease.

But did we really need a study to figure this out? Really? I mean is we are going to start stopping the production of something the body makes naturally, why would we think something bad is not going to happen?

And I’m sure it doesn’t stop with the liver.

How about the pancreas? Is that being stressed as well? You bet it is. Listen folks…

Stomach acid is normal!!

Our bodies are supposed to be making the stuff. You want to break down your food don’t you? Well, then you need stomach acid. Simple.

Do you want to disinfect your food? Then you need lots of stomach acid. And when I say disinfect, I mean from all the microbes that ARE on your food.

Yes yours. And not because you traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, or some other place you think might not have the cleanest food.

Yes, even in “Industrialized countries”.

Bacteria, fungus, and yes….Parasites are in the good old USA as well.

So watch the video on this page. I’ll talk about this more and the recent study that came out.


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