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Are Men From Mars? – Isagenix Celebration 2012 With Dr. John Gray

My wife Nicole and I were in Phoenix for the 10th Isagenix Celebration a week and a half ago.

We had an absolute blast.

6,000 people that look good, feel good, and are happy! Can’t beat that.

There were a lot of great speakers, but one of the Keynote speakers was none other than Dr. John Gray of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus fame.

He is a great writer, and I would say an even better speaker.

I had heard him speak before, but it was a blast being able to nudge my wife (and of course her nudge me) when Dr. Gray would bring up certain things about the opposite sex such as…

Men wanting to come home and just sit on the couch.

Women getting stressed over things not getting done.

And on and on.

If you ever get a chance to hear Dr. Gray live…


And bring your spouse.

He makes you laugh, teaches you science, and tells you stories all at the same time. It’s absolutely incredible.

The next best thing is hearing an audio, or reading a book of his.

He has several excellent audios he has done with Isagenix. Many of which I have recorded.

But one book, EVERYBODY should read is called…

“The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution”

I am actually re-reading it right now (my newly autographed copy of course!). You will learn critical info about yourself and your spouse, or if you don’t have a spouse, the opposite sex.

He talks about brain chemistry, and the differences between men and women.

He talks about the different diets that are best for men and women,

And, he talks about the different forms of exercise that men and women should engage themselves in.

In short, it’s a fantastic book.

So grab a a copy at the library, or order it on Amazon, but just read it!

So much relationship stress could be averted if people just knew this

Enjoy your newfound knowledge!

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