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Belly Button Piercing Causes Lower Body Weakness In Young Woman

You probably won’t believe it until you experience it, but here is a video of a young woman who upon muscle testing (proprioceptive testing) demonstrated very marked muscle weakness in all of her lower extremity muscles.

She presented with right knee pain. Whenever I do an exam, I am looking for systemic weaknesses first and foremost. And that is exactly what she presented with.

One of the common causes of systemic (whole body weakness) is a piercing of some kind. And this is what she had. Another potential cause is dental work. Usually something metal in the mouth. This isn’t the toxic effects of mercury amalgam fillings (those silver looking fillings that are 50% mercury). But instead this has to do with the disruption to the nervous system from having metal in the mouth.

Take a look at the video. Maybe somebody you know has the same problem. It doesn’t occur in everybody, but in the person that it does it can make a drastic change to their health.

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