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Stacy MN-Pain Free North Shore Backpacking Trip

I came to Dr. Larsen due to issues w/ my knees.  I am an avid outdoors person, spending my free time hiking, backpacking, biking, kayaking, and skiing.  Typically I have experienced the most knee discomfort when I backpacked.

Dr. Larsen discovered I have a wheat/gluten sensitivity.  Since becoming more conscious of this sensitivity, I have learned to change my diet and learned of many of the various health related problems that can result from the overabundance of wheat in many products, not just food.

During my first “gluten-free” backpack trip in August 2007, I enjoyed a completely pain-free 4-day, 32 mile hike on the North Shore.  The sacrifice of giving up once beloved foods is nothing compared to the joy I felt completing those last few miles of that hike!  Dr. Larsen’s technique can open up worlds of information to improve all areas of your life.

Receiving treatments from him has certainly made my life healthier and more dynamic.

Sherri K.


Once again, it’s amazing what food sensitivities can do to wreck your health and enjoyment of life. Having a pain free North Shore backpacking trip is priceless. In the 21st century, having good health and a pain free body takes a multifaceted approach that chiropractic kinesiology is very well suited to handle. With a purely structural based treatment, Sherri would still be in pain.



Don’t Tell Me Cranial Subluxations Don’t Exist

A number of years back I had a patient who was driving a car 80 mph when he struck a tree and then bounced off and hit a house fracturing his skull in multiple locations. It was 10 years after the accident that he walked into my office in tremendous pain. Every joint in his body hurt from his head to his toes.

He was around 35 years old at the time, but he honestly looked like he was 130. He could only sleep 3 hours a night. Any more and he would become very sick. Huge bags under his eyes, a stooped posture, and just generally lacking any sort of vibrancy.

Funny things was that when I asked him how his energy was he replied “Great!”.

I proceeded to treat him utilizing only cranial adjustments with a drop piece table and sent him on his way.

The next week he came back in and I hardly recognized him. The bags were gone, he looked his age and he was standing up straight. I asked him what had happened since the first visit and with a big smile on his face he said


“On my way home I was feeling so tired that I called a friend and asked if I could crash on her couch.  She said it was okay so I headed over and fell asleep. When I woke up, I found her and asked her what day it was. She said Thursday. I asked her what day I got there and she said Monday. Now I sleep 8-9 hours every night, my joint pain is gone and I have amazing energy.”

Imagine that. This patient’s brain had so much stress on it that his body literally shut down for 3 days so it could repair.

I will probably never witness that again (so if you are reading this, don’t be afraid it will happen to you, it was completely bizarre). Most people just start feeling better with a sense of lightness about them. But this guy was in serious trouble so his body took drastic measures. As I write this I still can’t believe it happened. I wish I caught the whole thing on video.

I can’t imagine what would have happened to him if I had listened to my anatomy professor who said cranial bones don’t move. Or, all the other critics out there, claiming there is no proof. Well the proof is in the pudding, cranial bone motion is EXTREMELY important.

While it is commonly thought that the bones of the skull fuse in adulthood, each of the 22 bones actually remain distinct and separate with their own movement. If any of these movements become limited or distorted a whole host of problems can ensue, often having far reaching consequences.

Common symptoms include, dizziness, hearing loss, sinus trouble, endocrine imbalances, dental malocclusion, grinding of teeth, migraines, headaches, eye pain, lower back pain, and cervical spine instability.

Without balancing the cranial bones many people need to see the chiropractor weekly just to relieve neck pain. When the cranial bones become normalized the real cause of the neck problem is taken care of and the weekly visits are a thing of the past.

Don’t get me wrong, standard chiropractic is great, but I’ve had too many people tell me how happy they are now that they can “hold” their adjustments much longer.

Let’s face it. We’re busy and need solutions that work with our lives.

So, if somebody ever comes along and tells me I can only pick one area of the body to work on, hands down I would pick the cranium. This area is absolutely vital for life.

-Dr. Larsen

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I have been bringing my son in to see Dr. Larsen for almost 2 years now.  My sister recommended him to me because he was able to help her children with several issues, so I thought I would give him a try too.

My son was 12 years old then and playing tennis competitively (he is 14 now).   He started having pain in his knees.  A visit to an orthopedic doctor and x-rays determined there was no joint issue and he was sent to physical therapy for muscle strengthening exercises.  Despite physical therapy, his knee pain continued to plague him on and off for months.  Then I brought him in to see Dr. Larsen.  He was able to make various adjustments and using special taping of his legs helped him with this trouble.

Around the same time frame my son was having problems with right arm tightness and pain.  Dr. Larsen identified that his biceps muscle was no longer working properly resulting in overuse of his triceps muscle as a result of an allergy/sensitivity to corn. Taking him off all corn products resolved the issue within days.

My son was also sick fairly frequently during the winter, especially with throat infections.  Dr. Larsen told us his immune system was stressed (especially his adrenal glands) and recommended various ways to boost his immune system, including extra vitamins and Isagenix shakes.  He has continued taking these for the past year and beginning about 4 months after taking them my son is now rarely sick and when he does become ill it is only for about 24 hours, rather than the usual 5-7 days like before.

I continue to bring my son to Dr. Larsen on a regular basis to assure his optimal health.

Minnetonka, MN

These are two of the most common problems facing young athletes today. Adrenal stress and food sensitivities.  With very little nutrition in the food and the increase in competitive training, young athletes are facing a slew of injuries.  Diagnosing the problem is usually relatively easy utilizing applied kinesiology as it was in this case.

By returning balanced control to his nervous system, this young tennis player was able to regain control of his muscles to protect his joints.

For those of you who don’t know my background, an injury ended my athletic career. An injury that never would have happened, had I known of applied kinesiology. It is very rewarding being able to help young kids reach their potential.


Hanzo – Ultimate Self Help With Ron Morris


Simple. Brilliant. Powerful

Ron Morris is a true pioneer in a world full of copycats.

As many of you know, I have a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. The passion I have for how the body moves and operates stems from an early age. From barbells, dumbells, and bodyweight exercises to plyometrics, sprints, and Strength shoes I’m always on a quest to see what else is out there. I love to learn new things and extract what I find useful.

But when I met Ron Morris and his Hanzo philosophy everything changed. A quantum leap occurred in my life. He has helped me do things with my body I never thought possible and given me a new inspiration.

Forget the hour long workouts at the gym bench pressing and fumbling around with weights. Forget the 45 minutes on the treadmill staring at the tv like a zombie. And by all means steer clear of those ridiculous machines that isolate just one part of your body like your biceps or triceps and cost $1500 a piece. Ron will put you through a workout you will love in only 10 minutes. And it’s new every time…

… and REAL.

What do I mean by real?

It actually applies to your life. It’s not all about big biceps and a six-pack. It’s about true physical fitness. Having the stamina to hike the National Parks with your family, being able play with your kids on the floor, and if need be, being capable of helping out a stranger in a crisis.

Like a modern day Bruce Lee, Ron takes different philosophies, boils them down to the core and adds them to the matrix of what he calls Hanzo. You won’t get the fluffy nonsense that you read in books and see on tv.  You only get what works. And what works is usually simple. Kind of like the techniques I use in my office. Simple, yet incredibly profound.

But instead of simple we sign the 12 month contract for the gym membership, get a tour of all the fancy, shiny equipment and start “exercising”. It usually lasts a few weeks to a few months, then life takes over.

The average person is so time strapped that driving to the gym, working out, showering and driving back home or back to work just isn’t an option. Too much wasted time. The kids have piano, soccer and hockey, the dog needs to be walked, you’re working 3 jobs just to pay the bills, and the mother-in-law is sleeping on the couch.

And besides, who the heck wants to spend all day in a gym with guys checking themselves out in the mirror every other minute? I mean, come on.

All kidding aside, this scenario leads to people doing absolutely nothing.

The weight starts to creep up, the joints start to ache, “diseases” start to appear, and depression sets in. Not a fun way to live life.

Now, if you enjoy going to the gym by all means go. There is nothing wrong with it. There are pluses and minuses to everything in life. Some of the classes they offer are quite fun, and it can be a great way to meet new people and stay motivated. And if you can find an excellent trainer, it’s all the better. However, there are very few people who can make gym membership’s work with the rest of their life. It’s just the reality.

The time factor rears it’s ugly head sooner or later.

Enter Ron Morris. Plug in, carve out just 10-15 minutes out of your day and do what he says. Your body will be completely transformed.

And it doesn’t stop there. Hanzo is about much more than just physical exercise. It’s finding the keys to happiness and a fulfilling life. Or, finding out if happiness is really important.

Who are you? What do you want? Why do you do what you do each day? Do you enjoy your days?

If not, you need Hanzo! You need to join the growing group of individuals who are saying yes to a fulfilling life, and NO to the boring, mundane existence that has cursed them like the plague. You know, the “daily grind”. But is that any way to live?

Ron calls it Hanzo, I call it Ultimate HD Living. Whatever you call it, you need a breakthrough, and you need it NOW.

Time’s a wastin….


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Dr. Larsen,

I want to thank you for getting me back on the field and catching again! When I first went to Dr.Larsen I could not extend my knee.  After my first visit the pain was less and range of motion was better.  Dr. Larsen did a bunch of things to test my knee to see what might be effecting it.  He even found a sprained ankle from volleyball 2 years ago.

Dr. Larsen is amazing !!

Thank You

Brianna Bloxham


This was  few years back, but what a fun case. Start of her senior year, starting softball catcher and she has been injured for 3 weeks and can’t play. Doesn’t make for a happy camper.

Sudden onset of right knee pain. Physical therapy was actually making the knee worse. Initial testing revealed a popliteus muscle (muscle in the back of the knee) that was not firing and when I touched over the gall bladder area she just about fell off the table in pain. This is an extremely common finding in my office. For the past 40 plus years applied kinesiologists have recognized that the popliteus muscle and the gallbladder are somehow related. Meaning, when the gallbladder starts to malfunction so does the popliteus.

The cause?

Toxins, and a poor diet. So this case of knee pain was caused from a gallbladder dysfunction. I found the right nutritional product for her body based on applied kinesiology testing and she was back to normal within a few days. The product helped her dump the sludge out of her gallbladder, but the real fix is changing the diet.

Remember, the cause of a problem is not always where the pain is. Actually, it usually isn’t. If I had tunnel vision and only concentrated on her knee, Brianna would still be in pain, AND she would be well on the road to having her gallbladder removed down the road.

Without kinesiological testing, I really don’t know how a person would figure this out quickly. It’s probably why our “healthcare” system costs so darn much money. Too much tunnel vision and expensive tests that aren’t needed.


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Percy Harvin’s Migraine Nightmare

If you’re a Vikings fan at all this has to just frustrate you until no end.  One of the most explosive and exciting players to enter into the league and he’s battling severe migraines, missing up to two weeks at a time.  And, if you’re a Vikings arch enemy, you’re probably rejoicing since now you have one less thing to worry about.

Being the curious doctor that I am it just makes me wonder what is going on with him.  Why has he had these debilitating attacks since he was young?  What is causing them, and can it be corrected?

Utilizing the techniques of applied kinesiology I have helped many people with migraines, generalized headaches, digestive problems, chronic knee pain and the list goes on.  Am I saying I could help Percy out?  I wouldn’t really know until I saw him.  But I can say this, the success rate I have seen in my office is very, very high.  If somebody comes in and their symptoms don’t go away, either they weren’t willing to do what it takes to get better, or there is something more serious going on.

I would imagine in the Vikings superstar’s case, anything serious has already been ruled out.  So my thought is that it is much simpler (which is usually the case anyway).  It’s the little things, getting back to the basics of human physiology that are probably going to correct his problem.

I’ll give two of the most common reasons I have seen for people having migraines and headaches.

Number one is food sensitivities.  This is becoming so common I feel like it’s all I do all day long sometimes.  It doesn’t matter what the symptoms people come in with, they seem to have some sort of food reaction component.  And when the offending food or foods are removed from the diet completely, the symptoms go away.  Doesn’t matter if it’s migraines,  irritable bowel or stiff joints.  If this issue isn’t addressed, they don’t make much progress, period.

Now I know there are a lot of people in the medical profession saying this is a bunch of hooey (not all of them), but ask any practitioner who deals with this on a regular basis and they will tell you it’s amazing the number of different symptoms or “diseases” foods can cause.

Not too long ago a young boy was brought into my office with the diagnosis of ADD.  His mother had an entire packet of information from the hospital.  I skimmed through it and noticed a section on what does NOT cause ADD.  Sure enough food sensitivities were in there.  Talk about ridiculous!  They went on to say there is no proof.  It makes  me wonder who in the world they are talking to because when you find the right food or foods and eliminate them, these kids get better, and they get better FAST.  And what happened to that kid?  He got better.

And I have similar stories with migraines sufferers.  One person had them for 10 years, but after eliminating corn and soy (based on our testing) from their diet had no migraines for the past 3 months and counting.  It was that easy.

Does Mr. Harvin have food sensitivities?  I don’t know, but it would be really fun to find out.  Maybe I’ll get the chance some day.

The number two most common thing I find with migraine sufferers is cranial bone imbalance.  I know, you’re thinking, WHAT?  The truth is that the bones of the skull move, they’re not fused. And don’t let anybody ever tell you otherwise.  Normalizing the motion of these bones is one of the most powerful things I do in my practice.  When they jam, they can cause any number of problems, including glandular problems, back problems, neck stiffness, TMJ, headaches, and even joint pain throughout the body.  It’s truly astonishing what can change when these bones are normalized.

So how do they jam?  Dental procedures, infections, birth trauma (very common), and any bump or jar to the head.  Hmmm, let me think.  Last time I checked, Percy Harvin was one of the toughest football players I’ve seen.  He takes hits and keeps on going.  Any hit like that whether it be in the NFL or a Pop Warner league is enough to start the problem.  So are his cranial bones functioning optimally?  I’ve never met one person’s who were.  I don’t see why he would be any different.

But most likely it’s a combination of a few things.  I just hope the Vikings are willing to look out of their normal sphere of influence, and what allopathic medicine has to offer.  Because Percy Harvin is one heck of a football player and Sunday’s just seem to be more fun when he’s in the lineup.



Brett Favre and the Ageless Athlete

Wow, what a game. The Vikings dominated every category, but turnovers.With that many fumbles it’s amazing we still had a chance.

But give credit to Brett Favre. The guy is 40 years old running around out there getting absolutely creamed.

It wasn’t long ago that a football player couldn’t last past 30, when they were considered too old. And Favre wasn’t the only one last weekend. Ryan Longwell, Jeff Saturday, Pat Wiliams, Darren Sharper, Mike McKenzie and the list goes on.

I always have to laugh when somebody tells me they are too old to do something, or they just turned 40 and it’s all down hill from there. Or that you just naturally will have achy joints and a belly past a certain age. It’s the aging process.


It’s just an excuse for the choices that are made. Sure you slow down a little, and it will be harder to keep the weight off, but they are still just choices.

Did you know the research points to at least 75% of your health after age 40 is due to what YOU have done to your genes, not to the genes themselves?

That’s empowering.

It means that chances are if you put yourself in a health challenge that you can get out of it. Your genetics are just doing what they are told.

So let’s make some better choices and live a life in High Definition. It’s a heck of a lot more fun not being in pain all the time. I’m 31 years old, yet I feel better than I did when I was 21. No joke.

It’s partly due to taking good, high quality supplements for the last 10 years, especially the Isagenix program for the last 1 1/2 years.

And also, to at least once a month kinesiology based chiropractic care. I don’t think I would be feeling nearly as good as I do without it. Have a great start to the week, and remember that poor aging is just a choice. How you feel when you are 30, 50, 75 years old and beyond is up to YOU.



Completely individualized healthcare is what I and my family have received at Health Dynamics. Dr. Larsen’s method of treatment has many times quickly pin pointed and corrected the source of problems for us.

He has been a huge help to me in dealing with a number of issues that have suppressed my immune system. From food sensitivities, removal of toxins, nutritional help, removal of emotional blocks (very cool), structural work and the list could go on and on, but you get the idea. Work in all of these areas have helped to improve my health in a very fun, and life changing way.

My youngest son had a knee injury from football that bothered him on and off for close to a year. With the work that Dr. Larsen did in one visit the knee pain has disappeared and is no longer a problem for him.

My oldest son tends to end up with a sinus infection following every cold because things just don’t seem to drain right. In a normal winter season we would have had to treat the sinus infections with antibiotics. Thanks to Dr. Larsen we were able to avoid the sinus infections this year. With his ability to clear the blockages, everything drains and we’re good to go.

Dr. Larsen was able to recommend an absolutely fabulous nutritional cleansing line of products that resulted in weight loss of 50 plus pounds for my husband.

All too often it seems that symptoms are treated, only to further confuse and complicate things, so I truly appreciate Dr. Larsen’s ability to get to the source of problems.  No matter what your health issues are, I would definitely recommend giving Dr. Larsen’s method of healthcare a try.

North Branch, MN


Stop Your Arthritis Pain

It seems the diagnosis of arthritis is becoming more common by the day.  It’s estimated that 78% of the adult population has arthritis.  But what exactly is it?

Joint inflammation.  That is exactly what the word means. Itis means inflammation and arthro means joint.  So any sprained ankle can be said to have arthritis. But the real question is what is chronic arthritis and how can you get rid of it.

The first step is to get rid of the inflammation.  And the best way to do that is to stop eating hydrogenated trans fat.  Read your labels.  Look for ingredients that say partially hydrogenated soybean oil and so on.  These compounds are altered fats, which are basically plastic.  It takes 6 months to flush trans fat out of the body tissues. However, it takes 1 to 10 years to get rid of the trans fats in the brain.  Hmmm, I’ll have to write another article on that.

Get these fats out of your body and get good fats in like omega-3 oils.  These are most commonly found in fish oil capsules and flax seed oil.  Contact us for our recommended source.  DO NOT go to a store and buy fish oils.  You’re better off not taking any at all.  The supplement business is tricky and not regulated very well.

The second step is to get your liver under control.  Yep, your liver.  Your liver uses sulfur to get rid of nasty compounds and detoxify.  Well, there are over 86,000 chemicals in active production in North America last time I checked, and only a small amount have ever been tested.  Bottom line is that you are extremely toxic until proven otherwise.

So what does this have to do with your joints?  Simple.  The liver uses up it’s sulfur reserves because you are incredibly toxic.  The next readily available store of sulfur is in your joints (it helps bind water). The liver steals the sulfur to get rid of the harmful chemicals making  your joints crusty due to lack of water. Your brain basically sacrifices your joints to protect the rest of the body. Smart if you ask me.

And finally we have to deal with the blood sugar issue.  It takes blood sugar (glucose) to make cartilage.  All that pop, refined food, candy, white bread, etc. that you are eating is putting a tremendous stress on your pancreas. Sure you might not have diabetes…yet, but you end up not making very healthy cartilage.  So put glucose and sulfur together and you get……

glucosamine sulfate

Ever heard of it?  I bet you have.  Many people swear by it for their joint pain.  But here is the real truth. It’s just one gigantic band-aid.  Your joints feel good, but your body is still toxic, your blood sugar is out of control and your brain is inflamed from the hydrogenated fats you eat.  You’ve effectively turned off your warning signal and are now going to get something usually much worse such as a heart attack, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc.

Take care of yourself now.  All the tools are available. Subscribe to the newsletter so you get insider access to treatments that work. You need to get your body cleaned out along with having an applied kinesiology examination and treatment to get your joints functioning correctly again. You can learn more about this by doing a search at the top right.

Life is not meant to be lived in pain.



Face Your Obstacles Head On

Pretty much everybody who steps foot in my office is looking for some sort of change in their life.

Many people have health challenges such as low energy, a named disease, depression, and the list goes on. Some people are looking for their life’s purpose and some are looking for help with relationships.

Each person is unique. But the common denominator is…


It’s my job to help you find your specific obstacles and impediments to your goals and dreams. What you do with the information is up to you. Let’s look at a quote from one of my favorite authors Dr. David Hawkins.

“Before a new direction is sought, it is necessary to discern the error of the old and awaken a desire to transcend that error. This requires courage and fearless honesty. The recovery from any serious and incurable, potentially fatal disorders is based on the willingness and capacity to face the truth and choose a different pathway. To break down denial and admit the truth takes one above the critical line of Integrity (at 200).”

Read that quote over and over again slowly. Really feel what he is saying. One thing I notice over and over is that I will find the obstacle, but the student will not want to face it. Let’s use the example of a food reaction because they are so common.

Some people get frustrated with me because I am telling them to stay off of a food (as if I created the problem). This is denial, then placing the blame on somebody else.

Others will try to find a way to take a pill to cover up the reaction (will never work). Always looking for shortcuts, but never facing the demon.

But the last category finds a way to be courageous and face their demon (in this case the food reaction). This group is inspiring to watch. They take charge and create massive change in their life. They awoke the desire for something better and didn’t let their body run the show craving food.

So, the takeaway is awareness. Which category are you in? It might not be with food, but something else.

Is there something in your life where you are trying to skirt the issue? I know I have one that I just became aware of. I’ve been deluding myself into thinking I was actually doing something about the problem, but all along what I was really doing was trying to give the problem the run around instead of just facing it. So like Dr. Hawkins says, be willing to face the truth and choose a different pathway.