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There is a lot going on with the new health care reform.

But is it really about health care?

We are the most overweight, diseased country in the world. Our health care system ranks dead last in terms of quality of care.

The primary modes of treatment are poisoning with drugs and injections…

and surgery.

Our country is going bankrupt just trying to pay for this reactive system.

And now it’s going to get worse. I credit Obama for stepping up to the plate, but it isn’t going to cut it. They’re barking up the wrong tree.

We have the most diseased country for a reason.

Modern medicine is a failure when it comes to keeping people healthy.

(It’s a whole different story with regards to emergency care where we are the best in the world)

At least we got one thing right.

Nobody is talking about nutrient deficiency, toxins, chronic infections or nerve function being optimized.

They still don’t know that the bones of the skull move, even though it’s been proven in research studies.

And diet?

Whoa, don’t even go there.

The medical profession doesn’t have a clue when it comes to nutrition.

The evidence is in what they recommend for diabetic patients.

It’s terrible.

Read the following post from Mike Adams called Health Care Dictatorship. It’s important for your and your family’s health.

The answers to our health care problem are simple, and cheap.

It’s a heck of a lot easier to keep yourself healthy, than to try to regain your lost health.

And, it’s way more cost efficient.

Actually, it’s not even close.

Have a great week, and think about the choices you are making right now. Where are they leading you?

-Dr. Larsen


“I don’t feel well. I’m tired all the time. I have so many problems, but my blood and other tests are okay. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

This is a common occurrence in an applied kinesiologist’s office. These patients have been to every doctor under the sun and nobody can give them an answer to why they are feeling so terrible.

Adrenal stress disorder is very, very common. It may not seem like it, but our bodies are put to the test every day. Electrical pollution, toxins in the air, water, and food, the drastic drop in nutrients in our food, low grade chronic infections, and the mounting emotional stress from trying to do so many things in a fast paced world.

It’s taking a toll.

Our bodies can’t handle it so they start to break down. Name a disease or symptom and the person having it probably has some form of adrenal stress. So what are the adrenals and what do they do?

Glad you asked.

The adrenals are small glands that sit on top of the kidneys. Involved in the fight or flight reactions, they send powerful signals out to the body in times of stress.

There are four main functions of the adrenal glands:

1. Glucocorticoids: These are the hormones involved with converting protein and fats for use as sugar in the body. Blood sugar needs to be balanced in the body for optimal function. When balanced these hormones are also anti-inflammatory. Very important for injuries and preventing such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disorders.

2. Sex corticoids: These are the male and female hormones of the body. In particular for a woman to make a smooth transition to menopause, the adrenals must be healthy and strong.

3. Mineralcorticoids: The hormones that play an important role in the mineral balance of the body. They also help balance the inflammatory processes.

4. Epinephrine & Norepinephrine: Epinephrine is commonly known as adrenaline. Regulates the fight or flight mechanism and is very important in the autonomic nervous system (the nervous system not under our conscious control).

Okay, so that being said, here are the 3 stages that a person will go through as their body become more and more “stressed”. This is based on the work of Dr. Hans Selye who researched the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Alarm Reaction: Under any form of stress be it emotional, injury, biochemical or others, the adrenal glands ramp up and start producing more hormones. This is done to enable the person to fight off the stress.

Resistance: Here we have started down the road to dysfunction. The original stress has not been dealt with and the body is trying to brace itself for the long term. The adrenal glands actually swell in size, the immune system starts to atrophy and we begin to notice digestive problems such as ulcers. Another common symptom is chronic low back pain, along with knee and ankle pain. Some athletes will tend to keep re-spraining ankles.

Exhaustion: In this stage, the body has had enough. This is where we start to see the big nasty “diseases” and conditions. The body can only adapt for so long before it gives out. These patients are usually labeled as hypochondriacs or depressed, and are given anti-depressants.

It’s important to note that pretty much any condition can be listed here. Common symptoms include low energy, dizziness upon arising, and eyes sensitive to light. Respiratory symptoms include asthma and emphysema. As alluded to earlier, musculoskeletal symptoms include lower back/pelvis, knee or foot pain. And emotionally, common symptoms are anxiety, depression, apprehension, and irritability.

The best way to test the adrenals is by a functional examination utilizing applied kinesiology (AK). From there it can be determined what kind of dietary changes are needed, such as limiting the processed sugars and avoiding stimulants, and what kind of supplements are needed.

Depending on what stage the person is in, the rebuilding phase can take some time. The more accurately you follow the recommendations based on the AK testing, the faster a correction will be obtained. Ideally, the entire family should be checked, even the young children to avoid the problem to begin with.  We routinely find young children with some aspect of adrenal stress.

-Dr. Larsen

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A good healthcare program needs to look at all the factors involved with good health. Each migraine sufferer will be different. In this case Tiffany’s migraines were stemming from a food reaction to corn and soy. Within days of eliminating the offending foods, her migraines were a thing of the past.

Oh and by the way. Tiffany was 7 months pregnant in this video and we found the problem at about 2 or 3 months. Do you think that made her pregnancy that much easier?

You bet.

It’s hard enough dealing with a growing baby inside you, let alone having constant migraines.

Food reactions are without a doubt one of the most important things I could diagnose for somebody. Also notice that each person has different symptoms. Virtually any symptom you can think of.

It’s critical for your immediate and long term health to find and fix these problems.


In part two I cover how a very common food can cause debilitating pain in certain people.



Doctors wanted to put Joy on countless antibiotics for a chronic rash. Sure enough I found food reactions to corn and soy. We also supplemented her diet to help get rid of some toxins and get rid of fungus and yeast.

The rash started to disappear in no time. And after a few months she was able to go back and eat both corn and soy with no problems.

It’s one thing to diagnose a food sensitivity, but it’s a whole different story to actually correct them, and that’s just what we did. In most people the process will take a few months. Then, they can go back and eat the food again.

Fungus, yeast, viruses, bacteria, and parasites are actually quite easy to pick up with kinesiology methods. Now, obviously I can’t say for certain that somebody has them due to legal issues. However, the kinesiology testing can suggest the patient has these problems.

These problems are VERY common in our society.



Forget Johnny Weir rockin’ the tassel, I think I rocked the hair net pretty darn good.

What do you think?

If you get a chance to volunteer for the group Feed My Starving Children…


My wife Nicole and I went with some friends and had an absolute blast.

It was held at Eaglebrook Church in White Bear Lake. You need to make reservations because it fills up fast. Then show up and get your hair net (you get to keep it..score!) They’ll show you a video about how they are helping victims of the Haiti earthquake and other children.

Most of the kids are lucky to get 1 meal a day and they’re considered rich if they get 2.

Well, our friends and a whole room full of caring people packed enough food in an hour and a half to feed 126 children for an entire year.

They get a combination of a chicken flavored mix, dried vegetables, soy protein, and rice. It’s a specially formulated blend by Cargill to be vegetarian. A large part of the world is vegetarian for one reason or another so they made it for everybody. Some are vegetarian for religious reasons, and some because they don’t have access to meat regularly.

Everybody had a job from scooping food into a funnel, to holding the bag below the funnel, keeping the workers supplied with food, packing the boxes, sealing the bags (my job), and more.

The people that work for Feed My Starving Children were fun, had a great sense of humor, and played music the whole time.

There was whooping and hollering, people cheering when their group packed a box, and just a lot of energy in the place.

In short…

It was an absolute blast.

And, you feel so good walking out because you made a difference.

As I write this I am ironically doing an Isagenix cleanse day. It’s about 11:00 in the morning and I’m a little hungry, but it pales in comparison to those kids so many thousands of miles away.

If you can’t do one day without food to better your health every month or so, I would suggest learning more about what these children have to go through EVERY day.

We are so lucky, yet we squander our good fortune away.

These children are born into lives where good health is not much of an option…

while we CHOOSE to throw our already good health out the window.

Our oldest son Owen is always wondering when his next meal is going to be and what we are having. Both my wife and I said we wish he could have been there to see how lucky he has it.

We are definitely going to do more of this and include our kids when they get older.

Go to Feed My Starving Children to learn more.

Believe me you won’t regret it.

I have one request. Send this post to everybody you know. Post it to your Facebook account. If you have a Twitter account hit that green button up there and retweet it.

Everybody needs to have the option of experiencing the joy we had helping other people.

Oh, and feel free to leave some comments on how well we looked in those hair nets!


Dr. Larsen and Friends At Feed My Starving Children


Can you imagine being given a 5 pound weight restriction for life? Yikes. After a few disc herniations in Mikes’ lower back and neck this is exactly what the medical doctors told him.

Now Mike is able to ride four wheelers and do basically anything he wants to.

You’ll see a common theme on this website and that’s…


The ability to work with the tendons, ligaments, muscles, discs, and joints is unparalleled. If you want to get rid of your back pain rapidly and get down to the root cause you need a kinesiologist on your team.

End of story.


Those of you who don’t like the traditional twisting and popping of regular chiropractic, listen to Charles talk about his experiences. He was seeing a traditional chiropractor once every week for several years when he made the switch to chiropractic kinesiology methods. Like most people, he was skeptical at first, but watch until the end and you’ll see how happy he now is.

His wife noticed he was much more relaxed after his visits in our office, and his health has dramatically improved.

All of the changes you hear Charles talk about were accomplished with visits no less than 3-4 weeks apart. The body is a miracle and will respond very favorably when worked WITH, not against.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Charles and his wife, and I’m happy I could be of service.



Not many people like hard forceful chiropractic adjustments. In fact, many are scared of them. That’s why I always try to do everything with the least amount of force possible. We have many options available such as the drop table, Arthrostim adjusting instrument, Vibracussor, and other kinesiology techniques.

So don’t live in pain out of fear! Linda is now backpacking for 3 weeks at a time with her daughter and granddaughter.


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In this video I run through the first half of common reasons for arthritis pain.

Arthritis is NOT soley due to old age.

Instead, it’s what you’ve done to your body that is causing most of the problems. I hope  you learn something. Watch the video and leave me some comments below.