Brain Fog syndrome

At What Age is Brain Fog Normal?

It never cease to amaze me. On my new patient intake forms, anybody past about age 30 or 35 lists brain fog as a primary symptom. It seems the whole country has it. The people in their 30’s and 40’s don’t want it, and they ask me how to fix it. But the people in…

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Stop Sweating Today

A number of years ago I had a young woman come into my office because the medical doctors wanted to irradiate her thyroid gland. And she wanted none of it. Her main problem was that she was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune condition that wreaks havoc on the thyroid gland in the body. Her…

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Sometimes I Just Wonder

My family and I had a great day yesterday. We picked fresh vegetables from the garden and got quite the stash. Dinner last night was excellent. We had fresh green beans, fresh raw milk straight from the farm, and we made homemade pizza’s with stone ground wheat crust and fresh peppers, and onions from the garden. You just can’t…

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Your Fat is a Toxic Cesspool

Just this afternoon I had yet another person raving to me about the results of the Isagenix system that we use. They knew somebody who was working out a lot, but was frustrated they just couldn’t lose some of the extra poundage. Then lo and behold, they stumble upon Isagenix and do a cleanse. And… the weight melts right off.…

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You’re Just Used To It

About a month ago, my car finally keeled over on me. I had been driving this car ever since chiropractic school, so it was definitely time for a new one. Because I don’t just work on people, I also fix my own cars, I was able to keep it going for more years than it probably should have gone.…

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You Can’t Settle for a Walk

A 9 year old boy can teach you a lot. This weekend we had my oldest son Owen’s end of the year baseball tournament. Now, for the entire year, his team was not the best on the field. They kind of looked like the Bad News Bears at times. They struggled and they got pounded in many…

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My 6 Year Old Daughter’s Morning Routine – The Matt Furey Exercise Bible

This morning I got up, and like I always do, I made my way down to the basement to do my workout. Each day I like to start out doing something energizing. Nothing usually too long or strenuous, certainly not near as long as many people spend each day. I like to get my blood flowing and…

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Theatre 2

An Answered Prayer – Using the Theatre of the Mind

Just last week I had a new patient write on her new patient intake form that I was an answer to her prayers. She had been searching and searching for answers, and was just not finding the answers she was looking for. She wrote after the Referred By: I found you on the computer after praying! So I…

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Ouch! And It Only took 11 minutes 59 seconds – Combat Conditioning Body Weight Training

It’s Saturday afternoon as I write this and my legs are still killing me from Wednesday morning! Now I don’t recommend you do this, but I was trying to beat the clock and push myself more than I have in recent weeks. And boy am I paying the price for it…. Still! Everybody knows that exercise is ESSENTIAL…

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The Hidden Power of 1920′s Research Being Used Again – HCL Therapy

I wanted to share with you a testimonial that I recently received from one of my patients. It’s an excellent story of how the body really can heal itself, if given the right tools. Knowledge is power, but only if you use it correctly. It just goes to show how far away from true healthcare we have…

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