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Buy the Camera – A Tip From Dr. Brant Larsen

For the last several years my wife has wanted to get a new camera. Our kids are getting older and getting into sports and our digital camera just didn’t have a fast enough shutter speed for their soccer games, hockey scrimmages, and  other activities they are doing.

But, we kept putting it off.

A fast digital camera, with video capability would cost  anywhere from $700 to $1000.

More than we wanted to spend, so we just kept saying….


But a few days ago, we stopped to really think about it. We are missing out on what is happening RIGHT NOW.

We are getting blurry pictures, and no video of our children. If we want to preserve these moments, we need to take action.

So, we headed to Costco and bought the camera that would best capture the memories of our family.

On the way home I started thinking about how this is how most people treat their health also.They put off making the investment until another day. Someday in the future that usually never happens. In the meantime, they are fatigued, have joint pain, high blood pressure, are depressed, can’t sleep, and are being robbed of a vibrant and healthy life RIGHT NOW.

I hope this isn’t you.

Your health is an investment in your life. You either invest in yourself NOW, or end up paying far more in the end trying to regain any bit of health you can muster.

If you are reading this and have not had an initial visit to my office, you can learn more about my Transform Your Health System by clicking on the link.

Take charge of your health and your life RIGHT NOW.

Just like investing in a camera to preserve your memories, investing in your health is always money well spent.

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