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Isabelle Dental

Tooth Problems Causing Right Sided Muscle Weakness

The more people I see in my office, the more I learn the importance of analyzing their teeth. This includes toxicity issues with mercury (silver) fillings, infections from root canals and cavitation, but also with how a problem in a tooth can cause problems far away from the teeth. It never ceases to amaze me…

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Specific Proprioceptive Taping Dramatically Helps Collapsing Ankle

Mike experiences a dramatic change in his ankle after using proprioceptive taping to feed new information into his nerve receptors. This is one of the best techniques I have come across to effect change into the nervous system. And with new information, comes a better motor output (muscle control). Enjoy…

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Wrist Pain and Proprioceptive Taping

It’s incredibly amazing how powerful the human body really is. By just knowing how to manipulate it, using neurology, we can create big changes. Watch this video and see how we work on a wrist injury using specific proprioceptive response taping…

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Belly Button Piercing Causes Lower Body Weakness In Young Woman

You probably won’t believe it until you experience it, but here is a video of a young woman who upon muscle testing (proprioceptive testing) demonstrated very marked muscle weakness in all of her lower extremity muscles. She presented with right knee pain. Whenever I do an exam, I am looking for systemic weaknesses first and…

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Appendix Scar

Lower Back Pain From Old Appendix Scar – Proprioceptive Muscle Testing

It never ceases to amaze me how interconnected and complicated the human body really is. Most people would never even think twice about an old scar causing trouble in the present. But it happens all the time. Scars cause a major disruption in the electrical system of the body, essentially short-circuiting parts of the body.…

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Proprioceptive Muscle Testing

Sacroiliac Sprain & Appendix Scar Causing Muscle Weakness In Fitness Professional

Imagine this scenario… You start to have pain in an area of your body, such as your lower back or knee. What if I told you the true root cause of your pain could be coming from an old appendix scar from 20+ years ago? What would you say? If you are like most people,…

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Scar Tissue Muscle Weakness

Lower Back Scar Tissue And Foot Muscle Weakness – Foot Drop

Previous back surgeries lead to scar tissue formation in Dawn. When testing the nerve pathways in the lower legs it was found that she had a severe foot drop on her left leg. But what is interesting is we could immediately regain the function using a systemic enzyme formula. Watch the video to see what…

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Cell Phone Causing Abdominal Muscle Weakness In Fitness Professional

We certainly aren’t going to get rid of our technology, but we do have to be aware of what it is doing to us. In this video you will see Chris Costello from Renaissance Fitness & Kettlebell Skool having trouble with an abdominal muscle. In particular, I found it was the Transverse Abdominus Lower Division…

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Dental Braces Causing Knee Pain

Did you ever think that dental braces could cause knee pain? Watch this video to see how far-reaching an effect dental braces can have. By changing proprioceptive input to the brain we can see an immediate change in muscle function and balance. Garbage in = garbage out, right? The periodontal ligaments of the teeth are…

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Broken Nose Causing Spine Pain & Headaches – Applied Kinesiology

As science moves forward and Applied Kinesiology practitioners continue to perfect their craft, we prove more and more how interconnected the human body really is. Back pain? The problem is in the back, right? Maybe not. And I would argue, quite often the REAL problem isn’t! The back pain is merely a symptom, or a…

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