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Appendix Scar

Lower Back Pain From Old Appendix Scar – Proprioceptive Muscle Testing

It never ceases to amaze me how interconnected and complicated the human body really is. Most people would never even think twice about an old scar causing trouble in the present. But it happens all the time. Scars cause a major disruption in the electrical system of the body, essentially short-circuiting parts of the body.…

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Proprioceptive Muscle Testing

Sacroiliac Sprain & Appendix Scar Causing Muscle Weakness In Fitness Professional

Imagine this scenario… You start to have pain in an area of your body, such as your lower back or knee. What if I told you the true root cause of your pain could be coming from an old appendix scar from 20+ years ago? What would you say? If you are like most people,…

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Cell Phone Causing Abdominal Muscle Weakness In Fitness Professional

We certainly aren’t going to get rid of our technology, but we do have to be aware of what it is doing to us. In this video you will see Chris Costello from Renaissance Fitness & Kettlebell Skool having trouble with an abdominal muscle. In particular, I found it was the Transverse Abdominus Lower Division…

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Ouch! And It Only took 11 minutes 59 seconds – Combat Conditioning Body Weight Training

It’s Saturday afternoon as I write this and my legs are still killing me from Wednesday morning! Now I don’t recommend you do this, but I was trying to beat the clock and push myself more than I have in recent weeks. And boy am I paying the price for it…. Still! Everybody knows that exercise is ESSENTIAL…

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Consistency is Key

One of my hero’s growing up was none other than the famous martial artist, Bruce Lee. Not only did he have one of the most famous physiques of all time, but he was incredibly smart. I have read a lot about his life and philosophy over the years and I recently came across this quote…

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Matt Furey and Combat Conditioning Changed My Life

I have a lot of mentors in my life, and people that have really impacted me on a profound level, but one of them in particular has been able to change my life on many different levels. I am talking about spiritual, financial, relationships, and fitness. I can honestly say that Matt Furey has changed…

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Use Calisthenics Workout Exercises to Build Functional Fitness

Use Calisthenics Workout Exercises to Build Functional Fitness Are you annoyed with buying a gym membership and then never going? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your own bodyweight to get into the best shape of your life? If this sounds good to you, a calisthenics workout is what you have been…

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Are Powerblock Dumbbells Worth It?

Are Powerblock dumbbells worth it? A few months ago I started a new workout program called Athlean-X. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I was intensely involved in weight training for sports. I did power cleans, squats, dead lifts, bench press, plyometrics, etc. But, after I graduated from chiropractic school and…

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Zero Resistance Living – Theatre of Your Mind

One of my all time favorite exercises that I learned from Dr. Maxwell Maltz of Psycho-Cybernetics fame is called the Theatre of Your Mind. I officially learned this exercise about 6 years ago when I purchased Dr. Maltz’s entire course called Zero Resistance Living. This is the course that Dr. Maltz was working on, but…

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PH Testing For Vibrant Health, and Pain-Free Living

Your body’s pH is one of the most critical measurements that you can take. PH is a reflection of tissue oxygen levels, and indirectly, a reflection of mineral status. Therefore, in our era of badly depleted minerals in our soils, food, and consequently our bodies, checking your pH becomes an early warning detector that you…

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