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Low Thyroid Success

Low Thyroid Success Story – Hashimoto’s

It’s so frustrating for me to listen to people’s stories sometimes. They come in and tell me how they have been struggling with their health for 5, 10 years or more. And in a matter of weeks we can often have them feeling better than they’ve felt in a long, long time. Why is that?…

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Stop Sweating Today

A number of years ago I had a young woman come into my office because the medical doctors wanted to irradiate her thyroid gland. And she wanted none of it. Her main problem was that she was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune condition that wreaks havoc on the thyroid gland in the body. Her…

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Sometimes I Just Wonder

My family and I had a great day yesterday. We picked fresh vegetables from the garden and got quite the stash. Dinner last night was excellent. We had fresh green beans, fresh raw milk straight from the farm, and we made homemade pizza’s with stone ground wheat crust and fresh peppers, and onions from the garden. You just can’t…

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Your Fat is a Toxic Cesspool

Just this afternoon I had yet another person raving to me about the results of the Isagenix system that we use. They knew somebody who was working out a lot, but was frustrated they just couldn’t lose some of the extra poundage. Then lo and behold, they stumble upon Isagenix and do a cleanse. And… the weight melts right off.…

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Unexpected result

Infertility: The Runaway Freight Train

I am going to bet that you know somebody, possibly several couples that are having problems having a baby. It’s absolutely out of control. Who would have thought that so many couples would be having so much troubles doing something that is vital for life? I have come across dozens of couples in the last several years with this problem. Many…

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Genetic Roulette is Destroying Our Food Supply

Genetic Roulette is destroying our food supply. We are at a critical point in history. Like no time before has our food supply been in such jeopardy. Big corporations like Monsanto are messing around with the genetics of our food, splicing it with their incredibly toxic pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Why are they doing this?…

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PH Testing For Vibrant Health, and Pain-Free Living

Your body’s pH is one of the most critical measurements that you can take. PH is a reflection of tissue oxygen levels, and indirectly, a reflection of mineral status. Therefore, in our era of badly depleted minerals in our soils, food, and consequently our bodies, checking your pH becomes an early warning detector that you…

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Why Do I Need Supplements?

Why do I need supplements? Did you know that you would have to eat 32 peaches in order to get the same Vitamin A from 1 peach from 1950? Yes it is true! Did you also know that there has been a 50% reduction in the antioxidants in food, in the past 25 years? True…

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Your Liver: A Vital and Essential Organ

Your liver is an amazing organ in charge of more than 500 functions. As more people become aware of our toxic environment and food, they start to realize that maybe they should pay a little more attention to changing the big filters of their body, such as the liver. In this months Pathways to Health,…

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Toxic Mercury – Smoking Tooth

One thing is for certain… Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the face of the planet. And furthermore, the human body has no use for it. I started looking into this problem several years ago when I noticed that many of my patients were presenting with mercury toxicity symptoms. Where were they…

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