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Broken Nose Causing Spine Pain & Headaches – Applied Kinesiology

As science moves forward and Applied Kinesiology practitioners continue to perfect their craft, we prove more and more how interconnected the human body really is. Back pain? The problem is in the back, right? Maybe not. And I would argue, quite often the REAL problem isn’t! The back pain is merely a symptom, or a…

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Brain Fog syndrome

At What Age is Brain Fog Normal?

It never cease to amaze me. On my new patient intake forms, anybody past about age 30 or 35 lists brain fog as a primary symptom. It seems the whole country has it. The people in their 30’s and 40’s don’t want it, and they ask me how to fix it. But the people in…

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The Man Who Slept For 3 Days Straight

So I am talking with a patient last week and I am telling this completely amazing story of a patient that came in to see me in my first 6 months in practice. And she tells me… You have GOT to tell that story again! Send an email out or something, but it’s just so amazing not to…

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Explanation of Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing

I get a lot of questions regarding my adjusting technique. So many people are completely blown away by muscle testing that they want to learn more.  Well here is a quick article on some principles of health and how they apply to muscle testing. Most of you reading this have probably never heard one of…

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Applied Kinesiology and the Triad of Health

There has never been a point in my career as a doctor that I have not used the principles of Applied Kinesiology or the Triad of Health. It’s the foundation from which everything builds. There are certain things that happen to people throughout their lives. While modern medicine’s diagnosis are mostly symptom descriptions and therefore…

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Chiropractic Is Exercise For Your Brain

I am pretty sure everybody on the planet knows how important exercise is to health. Now, whether they engage in activity is another thing, but the benefits are tremendous. Increased lean muscle mass, improved fat burning, more balanced hormones, greater oxygenation to the cells, tissues, and glands, and improved mood are just some of the…

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Cranial Bone Anatomy

Cranial Bone Anatomy When I treat  a patient structurally (I physically make chiropractic adjustments or other soft tissue work), one of the things that is critically important is working on the cranial system. We have been taught for many years that the skull is one big fused mass in adulthood, but this couldn’t be further…

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What Is Applied Kinesiology?

Imagine for a moment that you had a chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath, homeopath, and nutritionist all on your health care team. Now imagine they are all in the same room communicating with each other on the best route to take for your health needs. And as a bonus, they all understood each other. You would feel…

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Don’t Tell Me Cranial Subluxations Don’t Exist

A number of years back I had a patient who was driving a car 80 mph when he struck a tree and then bounced off and hit a house fracturing his skull in multiple locations. It was 10 years after the accident that he walked into my office in tremendous pain. Every joint in his…

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North Branch Woman Finds TMJ Pain Improved After Just 1 Visit

Unlike many testimonials I do not have a dramatic story of having suffered terribly for years, to have Dr. Larsen miraculously cure me in one visit.  I only wish, but that is not my style.  My story is more subtle, but none the less a testimony to his abilities. My daughter brought me to Dr.…

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