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Wrist Pain and Proprioceptive Taping

It’s incredibly amazing how powerful the human body really is. By just knowing how to manipulate it, using neurology, we can create big changes. Watch this video and see how we work on a wrist injury using specific proprioceptive response taping…

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Dental Braces Causing Knee Pain

Did you ever think that dental braces could cause knee pain? Watch this video to see how far-reaching an effect dental braces can have. By changing proprioceptive input to the brain we can see an immediate change in muscle function and balance. Garbage in = garbage out, right? The periodontal ligaments of the teeth are…

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Gluten Brain Function

Forest Lake Chiropractor – Gluten and Brain Function

Is gluten robbing you of your youth, of brain health? 2 landmark studies clearly show that gluten alters brain function. If you are a person who wants to keep young as long as possible and improve the functioning of your brain, then watch this video…     To learn more go to Larsen Wellness Center

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Robustness Is The Key To Great Health

When I was in chiropractic school I was very fortunate to learn from some very good doctors. They always had great stories to tell of how patients got hurt, but they were able to get them back on  track when nobody else could. I was always fascinated. Still am. And now I get to do…

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Brain Fog syndrome

At What Age is Brain Fog Normal?

It never cease to amaze me. On my new patient intake forms, anybody past about age 30 or 35 lists brain fog as a primary symptom. It seems the whole country has it. The people in their 30’s and 40’s don’t want it, and they ask me how to fix it. But the people in…

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The Man Who Slept For 3 Days Straight

So I am talking with a patient last week and I am telling this completely amazing story of a patient that came in to see me in my first 6 months in practice. And she tells me… You have GOT to tell that story again! Send an email out or something, but it’s just so amazing not to…

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The American Healthcare System is Failing

It definitely isn’t a secret. The American Healthcare System is Failing. And it’s failing miserably. Every statistic you look at is getting worse. We have more people going to hospitals, more people being injured by hospital care, more prescription drug use than any other country, and more people with a poor quality of life (developed…

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Lyme Disease Minnesota – How I Am Helping My Son Get Over This Nasty Infection

Well, at the time of writing this it’s been about a week since I knew my 8 year old son had Lyme Disease. The tests have not come back yet, but it’s pretty obvious when you see the bulls eye rash and the horrible fatigue and muscle pain that he was in. I have helped…

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Infertility Problem (2 Year) Resolves Using Neurologically Based Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, and Cellular Cleansing

Infertility is definitely one of those problems that is not only on the rise, but can be devastating for families. Many couples spend years and years trying to find the cure, with huge medical bills, invasive procedures and more. Sometimes it works, and often times it doesn’t. But what is the real reason for infertility?…

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People Are A Poor Judge Of How Much Stress They Are Under

One of the first things I do with a new patient is have them rate their level of stress on a scale from 0 – 10, with 0 being no stress and 10 being the worst. It’s always interesting to hear the responses. I get a lot of 2′s, 3′s, some 7′s, and a lot…

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