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Sometimes I Just Wonder

My family and I had a great day yesterday. We picked fresh vegetables from the garden and got quite the stash. Dinner last night was excellent. We had fresh green beans, fresh raw milk straight from the farm, and we made homemade pizza’s with stone ground wheat crust and fresh peppers, and onions from the garden. You just can’t…

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Your Fat is a Toxic Cesspool

Just this afternoon I had yet another person raving to me about the results of the Isagenix system that we use. They knew somebody who was working out a lot, but was frustrated they just couldn’t lose some of the extra poundage. Then lo and behold, they stumble upon Isagenix and do a cleanse. And… the weight melts right off.…

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My 6 Year Old Daughter’s Morning Routine – The Matt Furey Exercise Bible

This morning I got up, and like I always do, I made my way down to the basement to do my workout. Each day I like to start out doing something energizing. Nothing usually too long or strenuous, certainly not near as long as many people spend each day. I like to get my blood flowing and…

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Superfood Fat Sources

Fat is a vital component to a healthy diet and a healthy body. Unfortunately, most of the fat consumed by Americans is rancid, heated, and altered by man. With every cell membrane in the body being composed of fat, and all of the body’s hormones are made of fat and cholesterol, the consumption of HIGH…

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Superfood Protein Sources

Protein is one of the staples of life. While many people consume protein on a daily basis, and often in high numbers, the quality is very often sacrificed. Things like grain-fed beef, pasteurized dairy, and quite honestly sick chickens laying none other than sick eggs, is the norm in America. Because diet is the foundation…

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