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Chiropractic and Serum Thiol Research


All I can say is you better read to the end.

Exciting research I just learned about the other day.

I assume since you are reading this post that you are intensely interested in anti-aging and having the greatest quality of life possible.

I hope I am right because I am about to share something with you that completely shocked me.

Due to advances in DNA testing, we are now seeing how DIFFERENT chiropractic patients really are.

And I hope you like being different.

Because if you are average, you are heading down the tubes either quickly and seeing symptoms now…


your body is covering up a storm that is coming in your “Golden Years”.

In my book, neither of these options are desirable.

I don’t want symptoms NOW, and I don’t want them in my “old age”.

So here is what the research is showing…

There is a newer test called a Thiol test.

The AVERAGE person has levels of 90 nano-moles of cysteine. (don’t worry about what that is, just remember 90)

At this level people are at a 95% risk for developing the 9 major disease categories.

You are pretty much guaranteed right?

Anti-Aging Chiropractic

Image taken from www.SerumThiol.com

Reduced Level of Serum Thiols in Patients with a Diagnosis of Active Disease. Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Vol.6, Number 4, 2003 Pero, R.W., Banne,A.F.

But, the chiropractic patients were a whole different story.

After 1 year of having their nervous systems adjusted, the average person had levels of 124.

And after 3 years of regular chiropractic care the level rose to 146 on average!

A level of 120 and above plummets to a 5% risk for developing the 9 different disease categories.

Just this one simple change.

That is a massive difference. If that was a drug it would be all over the news as if it was the greatest discovery of mankind.

But it won’t be.

Most people will NEVER hear about it.

They will continue to be in the dark about health secrets that can change their future forever.

It’s downright sickening what is happening.

Our country is at a crossroads.

We have rapidly plummeting health, our healthcare system is an absolute mess, and we fight about it in political debates.

Chiropractic is the best kept 100+ year old secret there ever was.

And now we are starting to be able to prove WHY it is so powerful.

So wherever you are in the country, make sure you find yourself a good chiropractor. It will be one of the best investments in your LIFE that you will ever make.

It’s not about back and neck pain folks…

It’s way more than that.

It’s about your quality of life.

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