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Could a Dental Implant Cause Shoulder Pain?

It never ceases to amaze me what I come across each day. When you have an open mind, and don’t assume you have all the answers, the world really opens up to you.

And for that matter, so do my patients healing.

From day 1 of opening my practice I have been interested in WHY my patients were having their problems. Now, you could say that all doctors think this way, but I would disagree.

I remember being in chiropractic school having lunch with some friends one day, and having some friendly conversation. We were talking about the Homecoming event that was going on at the school. A 3-day seminar where doctors would come back to get their continuing education hours.

We were talking about how many of the older doctors that we saw, and whose offices we had visited, were basically doing the same thing they had been doing for years. Nothing new.

No new learning and implementing.

It was then that one of my classmates chimed in and said that by the time he was 50 he wasn’t going to be doing anything different.

I was stunned because my brain just doesn’t think that way. Now I don’t know what I will be thinking when I am 50, but I for sure knew that I would never make that declaration 25 years in advance, at the time of that conversation.

And there you go. It’s exactly why things like what you are about to hear on the video, go unnoticed.

It’s this mindset that keeps people trapped in their bodies, wracked with pain or some type of “named and blamed” chronic condition.

In order to heal…


Enjoy the video.

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