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Cranial Bone Anatomy

Cranial Bone Anatomy

When I treat  a patient structurally (I physically make chiropractic adjustments or other soft tissue work), one of the things that is critically important is working on the cranial system.

We have been taught for many years that the skull is one big fused mass in adulthood, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The skull retains motion at each individual suture (a type of joint). Without this motion, the brain cannot properly bathe itself and pump cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). It is not uncommon for me to have to work extensively on somebody’s skull in order to get them well.

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It was one of the most amazing displays of the power of the human body to recover and how bad it wants to survive.

In the video above you can see in under 3 minutes just how complex the skull and cranial system really are. Just remember…

whenever there are two or more bones joining together there MUST be motion. Without this motion the body will surely start to decay.

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