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Diet Soda Causes Diabetes, Weight Gain?

I have never been a big fan of soda, but even more so I have never been a big fan of DIET soda.


Because it’s artificial.

And more and more studies are proving that it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be.

Many people have been switching to Diet drinks because their blood sugars are out of control.

And, many people are switching to Diet because they have no calories and they are trying to get skinny and lose weight.

But it’s a lie.

I have been saying it for years.

Diet pop won’t make you skinny, and it won’t help you manage your blood sugar or control diabetes.

Check out the article here to learn more:


Putting these neurotoxins into your body is like playing russian roulette.

You’re just asking for trouble.

And if you REALLY want to make sure you screw up your body and your brain, start ingesting Pepsi Next.

It has THREE different artificial sweeteners…

PLUS high fructose corn syrup.

They have to hit you at all angles right?

Okay, okay so you are addicted to pop.

I get it.

But, this can change. You see, you are addicted to them because your body is out of balance.

Your pH is wrong.

Your brain chemicals are all screwed up.

Your hormones are out of balance.

I just had two people in the office last week that were stunned that after only 1 week on our nutrition program they stopped craving soda…

…and even more so, couldn’t stand the taste of it when they tried it! They actually tried to go back to their old habits, but just couldn’t. Their body wouldn’t let them!

And this isn’t the first time this has happened.

We see this time and time again.I have literally had people tell me after about a week that they “forget” to have a pop. It’s absolutely hilarious to see the little hamster wheel in their head turning as they are talking to me, staring off into space.

As soon as they come back to reality, they all same the same thing:

“I can’t believe it doc, but you won’t believe this…

I used to have 1,2,3 sodas, etc. per day and I literally forgot to last week”. Or, “I used to stop at two different McDonald’s on the way home to get french fries, but I forgot to last week, and am literally just remembering right now”.

I know…

It’s bizarre.

But get this,

A healthy body craves healthy things. This isn’t to say you can’t or won’t be pulled towards junk food from time to time,
but you won’t depend on it.

It’s the slow accumulation of poisons, artificial sweeteners, etc. that has gotten you feeling the way you do.

We don’t notice the subtle changes happening day to day. Next thing you know we can’t believe how far away from good health we have gotten.


We think it’s normal to crave junk “food” and diet soda.


Not normal, just common.

And those of you who are patients know that I harp on that difference quite a bit.

So, I encourage you to cut out the soda and especially DIEt soda.

And if you find this hard to do, it most likely means your body is very far out of balance and is nutrient depleted. And in this case, weight gain is the least of your worries…


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