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Dr. Joe Dispenza – Thoughts + Feelings Produce DNA Change

Right now I am reading the book by Dr. Joe Dispenza called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. It’s a phenomenal read and I would definitely recommend it along with his previous book titled: “Evolve Your Brain”.

If you are a person wanting to learn about how our brain’s work, quantum physics, advanced neuroscience, etc, then this work is for you.

On page 19 of “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”, Dr. Joe talks about a research study that was done by cellular biologist Glen Rhein, Ph.D. He wanted to test different healers’ abilities to affect biological systems. In other words, he wanted to find out what a person could think or do to impact another person.

The study was conducted at the HeartMath Research Center in California.

Three different groups were divided up. The first group of 10 people used HeartMath techniques to build heart-focused coherence. They were working on producing strong feelings such as love and appreciation. Then, for 2 minutes they held vials of DNA.

The research was conducted using DNA because it was more stable than using cells or bacterial cultures.

The vials were then analyzed and there was no significant statistical difference. No change had occurred to the DNA.

The second group held an intention to either wind or unwind the DNA strands. They did NOT focus on creating more heart-focused coherence (a feeling), but instead used simply thought. Again, the vials were analyzed and NO statistical difference was noted.

The third and final group did the exact same thing as the first group, but combined it with what the second group did with the intention. In contrast to the other 2 groups, this 3rd group DID produce a marked  change in the DNA samples. In some cases the DNA either wound our unwound by as much as 25 percent.

This research is exciting for two main reasons.

  • For one, it shows that a human has the ability to impact another living thing (including most likely another human) without even touching them!
  • And second, it shows that it takes BOTH intention (thought) and emotion (feeling) to impact change.


This research has implications for not only how our thoughts impact our future health potential, but also our chosen healthcare practitioners and how they are able to impact our health.

A practitioner who understands this information will be able to better help their patients because they understand how their thoughts and feelings are interacting with the patient in front of them.

Negative, distracted thoughts will not create the same outcome as somebody who is laser focused and has knowledge on how to change their thoughts and feelings.

So choose your health practitioners wisely!


Realize that the thoughts YOU think ARE impacting your future health potential every second of the day.

You have the ability to change your future more than you currently realize right now.

For more information on the brain and some of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s other books and products, be sure to check his website out at: www.DrJoeDispenza.com

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