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Explanation of Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing

I get a lot of questions regarding my adjusting technique.

So many people are completely blown away by muscle testing that they want to learn more.  Well here is a quick article on some principles of health and how they apply to muscle testing.

Most of you reading this have probably never heard one of my talks. If you had, you would understand that we are born perfect; that is, all muscles are completely balanced, all nerves are normal, and all organs and tissues are functioning 100%.

As a result of this, we also have perfect posture with level hips, level shoulders, and level head. This is present until we are subjected to some type of stress beyond what our body can adapt to.

Remember, we are constantly under stress every moment of our life.

We are under physical stress from gravity, from our occupations, straining, lifting, slips and jars.

We are under dietary stress from the foods we eat of the lack of proper foods.

We are under stress if we don’t get enough sleep or if we don’t exercise our bodies enough. We are also under stress from our emotions. Every problem in our lfe, whether it has to do with our families, our jobs, or whatever, is a stress.

As you can see, there are many different types of stresses. Normally our body can handle all of these stresses and adapts to them.

However, sometimes we are subjected to stresses beyond what the body can handle. When this occurs, our bodies actually shut down or turn off certain parts of our body in an effort to protect other parts. This is very similar to the breaker switches in our house shutting off if the wiring is overloaded.

These systems that shut down can involve nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic drainage, muscles, and actual organs. Here we can see that if these sytems are left turned off for an extended time, malfunction and disease can occur in the tissues involved.

This could result in stomach problems, kidney malfunctions, heart disorders, pain, headaches, back pain, etc. This depends entirely on the tissues involved.

It is important here to note that as long as all parts of the body are working normally, good health will be the end result. Health comes form inside the body. Along with these systems being turned off, muscles are blocked and do not work.

It is important again to mention that for each muscle pulling in one direction in our body, there is a muscle on the other side pulling exactly the opposite way. In other words, all muscles are counter-balanced. If one muscle pulls with 90 pounds of pressure, then the muscle that opposes it also must pull with 90 pounds of pressure.

As long as all muscles are balanced, we have good posture and our spine is held erect in its normal position.

However, if a muscle becomes blocked today, say perhaps in the lower part of your spine, you will not feel any symptoms. But now, the muscle that normally balances the blocked muscle will begin to pull harder due to the imbalance.

It will keep getting tighter and tighter and pull harder an harder until one day it will be under such a severe stress that it will pull a part of the spine that it attaches to out of place. When the vertebrae goes out of place, the nerve gets pinched or irritated.

Now there develops a loss of function in the tissues that the pinched nerve supplied and the body resistance is lowered and disease can occur. The time that has elapsed between when the muscle first became blocked until symptoms of the disease were present may be as long as 10 to 15 months. In other words, by the time the symptoms appear, we have been sick a long time.

Now, muscles get blocked and turned off for many reasons. it can be due to the cranial stress centers on the skull being turned off. It can be due to cranial bones being jammed, vertebrae out of place, and even bones jammed in our feet.

All of the different testing that I do is to find what is turning the muscles and systems of the body off and correct it. As the muscles are turned on again, the spine rebalances and posture returns to normal.

The treatment actually consists of the following:

  • Adjusting the misaligned vertebrae back into place that were pulled out by the muscle imbalance.
  • The ligaments that help hold the vertebrae in place must return to normal, and regain their holding power.
  • Many different tests all over the body, especially the head, and torso, must be performed in order to turn all the muscles and systems on again. When this is completed, the spine and nervous system will be stabilized and the body will heal itself. If we only adjusted the vertebrae and did not rebalance the muscles, then the vertebrae would keep going back out of place again.


During the testing procedures, I will be touching spots on your head, spine, feet, etc.; sometimes I will push on a joint or perhaps stretch it to see if it is normal.

For every person’s health problems, there is something turned off in the body. All we have to do is find it and turn it on again so that the body can heal itself. Rebalancing the spinal muscles, getting the pressure off the nerves, and turning all the systems on again is what gets sick people well.

Once  you are healthy, it is very important to have regular check-ups because again, we are constantly under stress. We want to be sure and keep everything turned on so that you can lead a healthy, happy life and do the things you enjoy doing without disability.

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