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Face Your Obstacles Head On

Pretty much everybody who steps foot in my office is looking for some sort of change in their life.

Many people have health challenges such as low energy, a named disease, depression, and the list goes on. Some people are looking for their life’s purpose and some are looking for help with relationships.

Each person is unique. But the common denominator is…


It’s my job to help you find your specific obstacles and impediments to your goals and dreams. What you do with the information is up to you. Let’s look at a quote from one of my favorite authors Dr. David Hawkins.

“Before a new direction is sought, it is necessary to discern the error of the old and awaken a desire to transcend that error. This requires courage and fearless honesty. The recovery from any serious and incurable, potentially fatal disorders is based on the willingness and capacity to face the truth and choose a different pathway. To break down denial and admit the truth takes one above the critical line of Integrity (at 200).”

Read that quote over and over again slowly. Really feel what he is saying. One thing I notice over and over is that I will find the obstacle, but the student will not want to face it. Let’s use the example of a food reaction because they are so common.

Some people get frustrated with me because I am telling them to stay off of a food (as if I created the problem). This is denial, then placing the blame on somebody else.

Others will try to find a way to take a pill to cover up the reaction (will never work). Always looking for shortcuts, but never facing the demon.

But the last category finds a way to be courageous and face their demon (in this case the food reaction). This group is inspiring to watch. They take charge and create massive change in their life. They awoke the desire for something better and didn’t let their body run the show craving food.

So, the takeaway is awareness. Which category are you in? It might not be with food, but something else.

Is there something in your life where you are trying to skirt the issue? I know I have one that I just became aware of. I’ve been deluding myself into thinking I was actually doing something about the problem, but all along what I was really doing was trying to give the problem the run around instead of just facing it. So like Dr. Hawkins says, be willing to face the truth and choose a different pathway.

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