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Genetic Roulette is Destroying Our Food Supply

Genetic Roulette is destroying our food supply.

We are at a critical point in history.

Like no time before has our food supply been in such jeopardy.

Big corporations like Monsanto are messing around with the genetics of our food, splicing it with their incredibly toxic pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides.

Why are they doing this?

All in the name of profit.

Sure, they will spout off that it is better nutritionally, leads to better yields on the farm, and a whole host of other nonsense, but the fact is, they have a plan….

…and that plan is to take over the world’s production of food and funnel ALL the money into their pockets.

Should you be outraged?

I think so.

And so do many, many people.

This isn’t something to be messing around with.

Watch the movie Genetic Roulette.

Like I said, this is very, very important.

These big corporations are becoming powerful, but do you know what?


They want to make a profit. And they can only make a profit WITH US. If we don’t buy the Monsanto garbage GMO food, they have no choice but to stop selling it.

Especially now, in the age of Information, we have more power than ever.

Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and the whole social media universe is here for us to take back control of our lives in more ways than one.

We don’t have to be slaves to the junk food and disease that we are accustomed to now.

Mose people don’t even know that their food has been altered….

….but animals do.

Put GMO food next to Non-GMO food and the animals will pick the good stuff every time. Again, watch the movie. A lot of it is anecdotal stories from farmers, but that is where it starts.

But for all you analyticals don’t worry.

There are plenty of referenced research articles taking about the dangers of GMO’s.

The time is now. I hope you pass this information on to everybody you care about. Especially to all the mothers out there.

After all, they do about 80% of the shopping.

Read the labels.

Start buying organic and certified non-GMO.

It will make a massive difference in your health and your children’s health over the years.

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