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Glutathione, Disease Prevention, Aging, and Epigenetics

Raise glutathione to prevent disease, aging, and DNA damage.

One of the most important molecules in the body is something called Glutathione, or GSH for short.

Everybody knows that Vitamin C and Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants, but it has been said that…

GSH is the strongest anti-oxidant in the world and its depletion is a component of every chronic disease or inflammatory condition, including aging!

It’s known as the “defender of the cell”.


Quite the reputation.

Here are some facts on Glutathione:

  • It’s in every cell in your body and if levels drop too much the cell dies
  • Your cells can live longer without oxygen, water, and food than without glutathione
  • Glutathione is 5000x stronger than any other anti-oxidant such as vitamin C and E (known as the “master anti-oxidant)
  • GSH is how your cells get rid of toxins
  • Glutathione is why you don’t get cancer
  • Helps make hormones
  • DNA synthesis and repair (epigenetics)
  • Needed to make ATP (cell energy) ATP production is limited by the amount of GSH available

With this kind of track record you would think that everybody would be taking glutathione, right?

Well, there are a few problems. You see, glutathione needs to be made in the body. Simply ingesting glutathione doesn’t work all that well because of the breakdown process in the G.I. tract.

A product has to be made just right to stimulate glutathione in the body.

And second, there are many things that decrease glutathione…

  • Deficiency in vitamin B12
  • Deficiency in folate and/or B6
  • Celiac disease and/or other condition that leads to low vitamin B12 (lack of absorption and lack of re-absorption in the recycling of B12
  • Mercury
  • Tylenol
  • Low vitamin C status
  • Certain gene mutations
  • Increased oxidative stress

So, in order to raise glutathione and receive all the wonderful benefits, a complete program is needed.

It’s a program that provides the body with all the correct vitamins and minerals, while also decreasing harmful chemicals and toxins in the body.

And get this….

A PubMed search finds over 2800 research articles on glutathione’s effect on aging.

Are you a person who wants to age gracefully well into your golden years? I know I do. There is too many great things to do and see in this amazing world.

If this is you, then you would be wise to keep your glutathione levels high.

The research shows that GSH levels drop 10-15% per decade due to toxins, diet, stress, chronic infections, radiation, etc. The good news from that list is that every one of those things are under your control.

You have a choice of what you are going to eat, what kinds of toxins you are going to expose yourself to, what kind of cellular cleansing program you are going to stick with for life to remove the toxins you are exposed to, and for the most part you have control over some of the radiation you allow  yourself to be exposed to.

It’s all in your hands.

Here is a picture of my daughter and I at the Minnesota State Fair at the tail end of a 13 hour day at the fair. We are riding the gondola, and my wife and boys were in the gondola ahead of us.

Glutahione Importance

We may look a little tired, but we’re still going strong.

And this is what I want to be able to do well into “old age”. It’s why I stay on the cutting edge of science. For you, but also for me. And, most importantly, we put together programs that aren’t complicated.

Just the way I like it.

So make sure you are keeping your glutathione levels up. Get the right nutrients, get the toxins out, and limit stress.

To Life!

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  • Peggy Maki February 1, 2013, 10:15 am

    TO LIFE!!!! How could you say it any better!!! I saw this and was so excited to read it, You are one in a million at your age thinking of “maturing” and having your golden years truely golden!!
    Your information is accurate and I aplaud you on that, only missed one thing and now I will give you some more knowledge so you have the “rest of the story”.
    – the body needs to replenish ITS OWN GSH to be most effective – research late 90’s
    – to give the body cysteine which is extremely fragile and heat sensitive you require a whey product – cysteine is most concentrated in whey of milk, that is why mom’s milk is so important!

    – if you can imagine the whey as a sealed box – cysteine and Immune system components are inside hiding, then this box goes thru the stomach unharmed by acids and enters the small intestine, there is is opened, cysteine and Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins and all the rest emerge unharmed to float thru the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream where Cysteine joins into the cell and makes GSH!!!! That is nature at its best, how remarkable is that!!!!

    -IF HOWEVER you distrub that whey by heating or agitation you harm or destroy the cysteine and all the Immune system components the cow gave her milk.

    SOOOOO on that note
    – the only way to attain cysteine effectively into the body for GSH replenishing is by using what is called a PRIMARY WHEY PRODUCT. Only about 2% of whey products are Primary whey. This means they have NO heat applied and very little agitation.
    If you go to http://www.naturalguidetohealth.com you can view a page called ” got raw milk” there is an analysis of raw milk plus an analysis of a product called GSH-Immunity. It is an example of a Primary whey product.
    I have ra and I have been looking for health for a very long time, Primary whey to give the body the ability to replenish its own GSH is absolutely remarkable.
    To see a young man looking to the future you are so right to replenish daily so you can maintain your Immune System balance and strength, what the Immune system can do for the body is amazing.

    I say to you, look at Primary Whey products and have a most wonderful Healthy Life!!!!!

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