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Healing Digestive Troubles and Skin Rash With A Grain-Free Diet

One common trait among people is the need to get grain out of their diet.

Gluten has gotten much more awareness in the past several years, but in reality, it is all grains. They are very inflammatory and have been changed several times in the past with genetic engineering.

It is one of the best changes you can possibly make to bolster your health.

Think it’s tough?

Then you definitely are addicted to grains and it is causing problems. Listen to Barb talk about how getting grains out of her diet for the last month has changed her life.

During her visit she also told me she is not going to be uppity or snooty when she is at restaurants, and will probably have grain. But then again, in the same breath she said she wasn’t sure it was even worth it.

Once you start feeling amazing, you just don’t want to go back…

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