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Healing System

A number of years ago a patient and friend made this logo for me. He was impressed with what I did, and was trying to help me capture the essence of what I do. This individual was very artistic and martial arts minded, and felt what I do was like a healing martial art, hence the style of the logo.

He felt that when patients came to me that 3 things happened:

  1. A Reclamation of health occurred.
  2. Restoration of life back to wholeness happened.
  3. And people had a Realization of their true potential.

I was impressed by his design of an amazing, flowing logo, and humbled at his words. I’m fascinated by not only the human body, but life itself, and this drives the healing system I have developed over time.

You may not be expressing radiant health right now, but you can…

“Whatever the body has created, the body can cure.”

This is the philosophy that I live by, and it’s what has attracted me to the techniques and healing disciplines I have been fortunate to be exposed to.

If you believe your body can heal, you are in the right place. If you believe you were born to do something greater with your life than you currently are….

You are right. And I’m here to help you do just that.

Like the 3 things that happen when you become a patient, I use 3 main healing disciplines to accomplish deep healing. You can learn more about them on the following pages…

Zone Healing

Cranial Adjusting

Targeted Nutritional/Detox