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Heartwarming Bax Aura Testimonials

This morning I opened up my email and had some really great testimonials from another doctor in our Bioveda Bax Aura group.

He had a mother and son whose lives have completely changed since going through a series of the Aura treatments and I thought it would be fitting to post the mothers testimonial here for everyone to read.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Testimonial from one of Dr. Riemers patients:



Dr. Riemer,

I wanted to let you and everybody know the amazing results we have had with the BioVeda BAX Aura treatments that we have received.  I myself was diagnosed with Celiac disease along with a suppressed immune system.  I had suffered several years and was on a strict diet.  Even after following the strict diet I was still having increased reactions after eating.  I would have “crashes” where I would start feeling extremely drained of all energy and would end up in a passed out state where I could not bring myself back to an awakened state.  All of these problems where gone after just on treatment!

The most amazing results have been with my 13yr old son.  He was diagnosed with Asperger Autism, extreme allergies to the following; milk, gluten, preservatives, food dye, and due to his ADD/ADHD was strictly limited to very little sugar intake.  He was on several prescription medications to help with his ADD/ADHD with some improvement.

We were told of the BAX Aura treatments and had to jump at the chance that we could give our son the chance of being able to be a could go on school functions without the worry of having to take all of his own food with him.  His autism would make social interaction with his classmates and friends a stressful experience, which in turn put him as an outcast.  After just one treatment we could see a huge difference in his behavior.   His self-confidence skyrocketed after a few treatments.  He was able to get off all his medications within a few weeks of treatments.

He has become more involved with his friends and classmates.  He is able to focus and finish a task before starting a new one, before he would bounce from one task to another.  With his Asperger’s he would also not want me to touch him.  Giving my son a hug or holding his hand was out of the question.  Now he comes and climbs in my lap, lets me hug and love on him.  I finally got to hold my baby after 13 years that to me was the most life changing event.

I cannot stress enough the total change in our lives Dr. Riemer and the BAX Aura system has made.  We are now able to go on vacation and have a stress free trip without taking our own food, and making sure we stay in a place where I am able to prepare all of our own food.

The opportunities that we now have to do as a family, is endless.  Taking a cruise was absolutely not an option before due to food
preparation, but now we can!  His hyperactivity also limited us on our activities too and now that is not a hindrance either.  Small things like ordering pizza or taking the kids to get ice cream is all now part of our lives.  The first time our son was able to have ice
cream cone, I asked him how it tasted and his words were, “tastes like being a kid”!!

If you ever had a doubt if the BioVeda treatments were for you, all I can say is it is a true life changing experience!!

Thank you Dr. Riemer and BioVeda BAX Aura with your help we can be a family and most or all I have my son that will allow me to give him the physical love that I longed for, for so long.

Jo Lynn W.


Fantastic story isn’t it! We are truly changing people’s lives with the technology that we have. If you or somebody you know has these conditions or symptoms, send them in! We would love to help.

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