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Hip Flexor Pain and Decreased Squat Strength From Wisdom Teeth??

My job never ceases to amaze me. Actually, it’s the human body that amazes me. Never a dull moment. Our bodies are absolutely mind-bending in what they are capable of doing.

However, they also break down with complexity as well.

Watch this video I made with one of my patients. He’s a young, very strong young man. Likes to lift weights, but was having trouble with some groin/hip flexor pain. He also noted some knee soreness, and was having trouble putting more when on his barbell squat.

That doesn’t make for a very happy guy!

Would you believe me if I told you the root of his problems were actually coming from his wisdom teeth (where they used to be), along with his cranial bones being locked up?

Well, it can and does happen. And I’ll demonstrate it in the video.


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