How Mercury Causes Neurodegeneration – Brain Damage

There isn’t anything that is more important than your nervous system.

This includes the brain, spinal cord, nerve of the body, and some people even say the energetic aspects of who we as humans are.

In short, our nervous systems control everything in our entire human existence. We take in sensory information through our 5 senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, vision) and our brain makes sense  of it.

We then express life.

We laugh, we cry, we smile, we run, we dance, etc.

Our nervous systems are our connection to our universe and when something comes along that threatens this connection we need to be informed.

It still surprises me that EVERYBODY doesn’t completely know and understand how damaging mercury is, and more so how damaging a dental silver amalgam (50% mercury) filling can be to your brain.

Sure, the American Dental Association will say that it is fine, but heck, it’s kind of hard to go back on what you have been saying was safe for decades.

We are supposed to believe that a HIGHLY toxic substance (according to the EPA) is considered hazardous waste and needs to have precise precautions and procedures take place for its proper storage and disposal….

….but when it’s placed inside the human mouth it now becomes completely inert?

I mean, COME ON!!!

We aren’t that stupid.

I won’t go into every detail about mercury fillings in this post, but instead I wanted you to see a well done video by the University of Calgary showing how mercury damages the neurons in the brain.


And by all means, pass this information along…

As you can see, mercury is very damaging to the nervous system. For a well-functioning brain and nervous system, regular detoxification, cellular cleansing, and nutrient support is needed along with minimizing and eliminating the source.