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I Lost the Game Dad

My oldest son Owen had his first baseball game last night that was NOT coach pitch.

You could definitely tell all the kids were very nervous. One of the kids on Owen’s team actually turned to the umpire and said, “This is intense!” right in the middle of batting!

Having their peers pitch to them instead of a coach was a new experience for most of them.

Well, Owen gets chosen to pitch the last 2 innings of  the game.

You can just tell that he is focusing hard, trying with all his might to throw good pitches and strike the batters out.

He pitches quite well, but between innings I remind him to just be calm and practice some of the  Zero Resistance Living exercises that I have taught him.

So the next inning comes around and he does well again, but he walks a few batters.

Those kids have TINY strike zones!

Bases are now loaded with 2 outs and one of their good hitters is up to bat.

Owen steps in for the pitch and forces the batter to pop out to the shortstop…

…but the shortstop misses it, and a few runs score.

Game over, the other team wins.

Owen is crushed and he tells me that he lost the game for his team.

So I have to explain to him that for one, he played very well. He calmed himself down and visualized success like Dr. Maltz teaches in Zero Resistance Living.

And two, he got one of his first lessons on life….

That much of life is a team sport.

In baseball, it takes a whole team to play the game, and win. It’s not just the pitcher, or the catcher, or left fielder.

You need them all.

Maybe later in the season, or next season with more practice, the shortstop would have caught that ball to end the game with a win.

It’s no different with your car. Unless you happen to be skilled in the area of auto mechanics, most people take their car into an expert.

Or your health. I have had a few young mom’s come in the past few days and their concern was that they just didn’t know what to do for their family.

They were confused.

So much information out there, but yet no Roadmap.

No way of knowing what is good for their body, or what particular needs their son or daughter has.

And that is where Applied Kinesiology shines. It’s the technology of the future. The roadmap for every person.

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