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I Saw His Error

Last night I was at my 12 year olds traveling baseball game.

It’s a unique field waaaay out in the sticks, almost like Field of Dreams. To get to the field you need to travel down a dirt road and pass one run down barn after another.

Just when you think you’re on the wrong road, it opens up to a beautiful baseball field…

literally in the middle of nowhere.

When teams from the city come to play they have to be thinking, “where on earth are we?”.

But once the game starts, everybody settles in and enjoys the scenery, and America’s pastime.

Well last night I was watching my oldest sons game from the third baseline fence. Midway through, the other team was up to bat when one of their sluggers drilled a ball to deep center field.

As he rounded second base I noticed that he completely stepped over the base. He didn’t even touch it!

He slides into third with a triple.

I took one look at the umpire and realized he saw the same thing I saw…

And we were the only 2 people watching the game that saw it. So I started yelling to our shortstop to put the tag on the kid. He looked at me confused, but I was adamant.

So he did it.

“OUT!”, the umpire yells.

Our coaches didn’t see it, our fans didn’t see it, their coaches didn’t see it, and their fans didn’t see it.

Just the umpire and myself caught the error.

Our assistant coach came over to me, slapped me on the back, and said

“That was awesome!”

And sometimes this is all it takes. A different set of eyes. We’re in this thing called life together, and we can’t possibly have all the answers.

To think that we do is putting way too much pressure on ourselves.

If your health is not where you want it to be, seek help. It’s why I offer a free phone consultation. To find out if I can help you, and to give you some direction that you may haven’t thought of.

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Dr. Larsen

P.S. Every baseball team in the world has a coach. Somebody to give direction. The same should be said about our health. Who is your coach? Or are you trying to coach yourself? Give me a call at 651-982-1804. Let’s have a chat and see where you are stuck.

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