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Is Basing Your Health on How You Feel a Good Idea?

A couple days ago I briefly pondered why smart, hard- working people don’t take better care of their bodies.

The answer came to me lightning-fast:

They don’t SEE the damage.

This is especially true if they can’t feel it either.

Joint pain gets your attention, but it’s often the years of neglect that lays the tracks for that pain to arrive.

But ignoring the problem or thinking everything’s fine will do nothing but make it grow.

The ostrich with its head buried in the sand is NOT a good model to follow.

You probably already know this.

But, “There’s a flip-side to that coin.”

If you live life in a certain way, you might not SEE the positive strides forward you’re making…but they’re still just as real.

For instance, I sent out an email last week about research proving what chiropractic adjustments do to your DNA.

Read about it Here —->>>> Chiropractic and DNA Repair

I was, and still am, stunned to say the least.

You can try to feel the positive effects of an adjustment on your DNA all you want, but it just won’t happen.

When I was first exposed to the advanced form of chiropractic/kinesiology that I now use in the office, I was being adjusted 4 times out of the week.

This lasted for over 2 years straight.

I knew all kinds of things were changing over this time period, but there were months on end where I didn’t FEEL anything happening. I felt exactly the same.

I now know that my DNA was getting a MAJOR upgrade.

The DNA repair is so phenomenal that NOTHING on the face of the planet is capable of producing the same results.

At least none that we know of yet.

So here is the lesson…

How you FEEL doesn’t really have much of a bearing on how you are doing.

Either negatively or positively.

So when you make decisions look at the evidence. I try to give you the latest and greatest research out there to show you what the facts are.

From there, you can then make intelligent decisions for yourself. You no longer have to rely solely on how you feel, which as we know doesn’t always lead us on the right path.

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