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Lower Back Pain, Kidney Function, and Mud Packing?

Just last week I had yet another person come in my office for back pain.

One of the most common ailments plaguing Americans.

More often than not I find that back issues have nothing to do with the discs, nerves, muscles, of the low back…

…at least that’s not the MAIN CAUSE.

It definitely factors into the equation, but it’s quite often a secondary result from another underlying problem

The kidneys.

And the case last week was no different.

He said after the exam that now he understood why our new patient paperwork was so extensive and long!

He told me that while he was filing it out he was thinking to himself that none of this stuff had anything to do with his back pain.

He laughed when he told the story because I was able to clearly show him what was happening by the end of our exam.

He now understood how integrated the human body really is.

Sure, we can take things apart and study them, but then we need to put everything back together again when there are patients in our office.

We aren’t machines.

We are LIVING things. And living things are very complicated.

So, back to the kidneys and the lower back pain.

I’ll explain this as simply as I can.

The kidneys are somehow, someway connected to the psoas muscle (just think hip flexor muscle).

If the kidneys are not functioning at 100%, often times the brain neurologically tones down the psoas muscle.

Like a dimmer switch.

And once this muscle is dimmed, a major stabilizer of the lower back and pelvis has been lost.

When the nervous system is not coordinating a joint, the eventual outcome is pain.

So, when I tested this man’s psoas muscle, it was completely weak.

There wasn’t anything he could do about it. In fact, because he was a young, healthy guy, this was the ONLY muscle that I found weak on him. Usually this isn’t the case with the people that I see.

Now remember, this is not a muscle weakness that will get better with more exercise and strengthening exercise.

This is an actual short-circuit in the body’s wiring that needs to be reset.

And this short-circuit can come from virtually anywhere.

That’s where the detective work comes in.

  • Was it a previous blow to the head?
  • A foot imbalance?
  • A bodybuilder who eats too much protein in a day?
  • Some toxic poison like mercury overloading the kidneys?

Nope, nope, nope, nope.

Not in this guy anyway.

In this case it came from a surgical scar. A surgery he had about one year prior.

Just by having him touch the surgical scar with his fingers we were able to restore incredible strength back to the  psoas muscle.

It was amazing the immediate difference in strength.

There was absolutely no question that this was contributing to his hip flexor problem, and eventual back pain.

To me this is fascinating

It’s fascinating that somebody can be so incredibly weak, yet be a very strong person.

Then, by stimulating proprioceptors (nerve bundles and receptors) on the skin we are able to reactivate the muscle completely and powerfully with no question in the person’s mind that there has been a major shift in their body.

It just goes to show how powerful and interconnected our nervous system’s really are.

That we really do live our live’s through our nervous systems.

Fix the scar, and now his body has a chance to heal. And we do that with manual techniques, and of course our good old Medi-Body Packs.

The Medi-Body Packs have proven their weight in gold over the last few years.

Therapeutic mud properly applied is an amazing thing.

If you have old scars, broken bones, surgical sites, tattoos, etc. then you owe it to yourself to learn the secrets of the ancients.

These muds were used for thousands of years before being forgotten.

They were a powerful way to reintegrate and rehabilitate the human body.

Roman soldiers used to use them pre and post battle.

And now they are back and we understand them better than ever.

So get those scars taken care of. Episiotomies, vasectomies, lumbar disc surgery, tattoos, broken bones, allergy shots, vaccinations, and more.

The longer you have had them, the more damage they cause! They create what we call Interference Fields.

So the moral of the story?

Sometimes, your health problems are not what they seem.

This body you are in is very complicated and highly sophisticated. And we honestly know very little about it.

There is so much more to be discovered.

So when somebody tells you an old surgical scar is causing your kidneys to be a little weak, leading to hip flexor weakness, then lower back instability, which then subsequently causes lower back pain…

…they just might be right.

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