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Matt Furey and Combat Conditioning Changed My Life

I have a lot of mentors in my life, and people that have really impacted me on a profound level, but one of them in particular has been able to change my life on many different levels.

I am talking about spiritual, financial, relationships, and fitness.

I can honestly say that Matt Furey has changed my life forever.

Right around 2005 I was broken down and a little beat up. I had been lifting weights since about age 16 extremely hard. I trained for sports. Basketball, football, and track. Every morning I would get up at 5:00 to get to the school to train.

I worked so hard my legs were like jello and my arms ached. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from being the fastest and strongest person I knew.

But years later it started to take its toll.

I no longer lifted weights like I did, but I could feel some of the effects. My shoulders were getting sore, my knees ached a little, and my hips were incredibly stiff. And I was only in my mid to late 20′s!

I knew I needed to find something different to keep myself in top shape, but I needed something that wouldn’t lead to stiffness and pain.

So, I did what anybody would do.

I got on the internet of course. I started searching for bodyweight fitness and I found the Matt Furey Combat Conditioning book and DVD’s. Everything I read made so much sense. Animals in the wild use their own body to create amazing speed and incredible strength and flexibility.

I knew I could do the same.

I didn’t care how much the course was, I was going to buy it. When I got the package I tore it open, started reading the book and watched the DVD’s. There was certainly nothing fancy about them, just like Matt Furey’s style.

Straight and to the point.

I liked this guy already. No fluff. Just meat and potatoes. I knew he could give me the good stuff.

So, I got to work. I started out with the Royal Court. I loved the exercises. The hindu squats got me winded, while the hindu pushups challenged my upper body. But it was the bridge that I really enjoyed.

I loved how it was making me feel. I could feel my entire body opening up. My spine was starting to unlock from years of heavy squatting with barbells. It almost felt like scar tissue breaking apart.

I was becoming more flexible and strong at the same time!

I started out with horrible flexibility in my neck, but quickly progressed to the point where I could touch my nose to the mat. It was, and still is a tremendous feeling.

From there I started adding in many of the other exercises so I wouldn’t get bored.

Each of them challenged my body in new ways. But, the one thing they had in common is that my body was becoming more flexible and stronger at the same time. Instead of heading to the scrap heap, I was taking a much different path.

I was adding life to my years, and preserving my youth before it got away from me. Now, almost 9 years later, due to the Matt Furey Combat Conditioning program, I now feel fantastic. My joints are nice and loose, my muscles are pliable and strong, and my lifeline (my spine) has flexibility in it that I can’t ever remember having.

In short, I feel great.

I recommend the program to all my patients who are looking for a no-nonsense fitness program they can do in the comfort of their own homes.

Since purchasing and using the Matt Furey Combat Conditioning system, I have gone on to purchase many other Matt Furey products. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every one of them and I will continue to be a customer of Matt’s.

But be warned.

If you are looking for fancy packaging and “glitz”. Look somewhere else. The products are all about content.

If you have used the Matt Furey Combat Conditioning system and had great success, leave a comment below. I know there are lots of testimonials on his site, but I would love to hear what has worked for you. I am always looking for ways to tweak my training.

And if you haven’t purchased Combat Conditioning or any of Matt Furey’s other products head on over to www.MattFurey.com.

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