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Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Wellbeing Improved

Dr. Brant Larsen’s kinesiology has transformed my life. I have had emotional issues of past traumas from childhood resolved with his muscle testing.  He is so in tune with the body and how our bodies hold traumas and pain.  He has found in my muscle responses issues that I have forgotten were issues with my body.  A pain on one day goes away and during a visit to Dr. Brant, I will find that he not only has found the forgotten pain, but he addresses the issue and my whole being is better.  My emotional, physical and spiritual well being has been improved by his knowledge and expertise. Where else can you find such a drastic change.  One would have to experience it to believe it. I know if I had not experienced his ‘magic’, I would not have believed it.

He has also improved my grandson’s biting. My grandson would bite kids at the daycare that his mom owns, and nothing would get him to stop this behavior.  I brought him to Dr. Brant, and within a couple of treatments, his biting dropped dramatically.  His life, his mom’s life and the daycare benefited by the work that Dr. Brant does.

My daughter and her family go to him, and have found a new lease on life because of it. I am very glad that I found this wonderful treatment.

Thank you Dr. Brant.


Paula Gardin
Milltown, WI

And thank you Paula for being such an inspiration for others. I felt the same way about the “magic” when I was first exposed to these techniques, but after a while you wouldn’t go a day without it. I often find myself wondering how people live without them!

-Dr. Larsen

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