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Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (FM/CFS) Patients Are Not Getting the Answers They Need

These patients tend to live a life of very little hope.  They’re always wondering why they have it, what they can do about it, and more importantly, if there is anything they can do to correct it.

Most doctors just don’t know what to do with FM/CFS. Are the patients telling the truth? Are they malingering? Some groups say it doesn’t exist, and some say it does. Most medical doctors don’t have the time to deal with these patients so they get pushed from specialist to specialist.

Basically fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are names for a collection of symptoms. Namely widespread muscle pain and fatigue. In reality, it doesn’t really matter what the diagnosis is, but instead what the cause is. And the cause is multifactorial, with every patient being unique.

Imagine that, we’re all different!

Here are the contributors:

1. Food/Chemical Sensitivities
2. Infections
3. Spinal and Cranial Subluxations
4. Dehydration
5. Toxicity
6. Nutrient Deficiencies
7. Stress

Without correcting all of these basics of human physiology, the sufferer doesn’t stand a chance. And I do mean ALL of them. Correcting 1 or 2, or a handful will not yield the desired results.

There is no drug on planet earth that is going to correct fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. The bodies of the American people are polluted, stressed out and full of chronic sub-clinical infections. It’s a wonder more people are not diagnosed.

Food/chemical sensitivities are on the rise. I see so much of it in my office that I’m starting to wonder if anybody at all isn’t sensitive to at least 1 food. This one factor alone can cause widespread pain and fatigue.

But how do you diagnose it? To figure out which foods you are sensitive to by yourself is a nightmare, and is not recommended. The results are inaccurate and foods are often missed leading to a subpar outcome. I utilize the technique of Applied Kinesiology in my office. There are expensive labs tests in the marketplace, but I have never seen a more accurate and cost effective method for determining sensitivities. While I don’t diagnose with the technique of Applied Kinesiology, it gives me a tremendous tool and options to pursue to get sick people well again.  Let me clarify.  Chiropractors don’t diagnose disease.  What we are looking for are what factors cause stress to the body.

Chronic infections are another category that would be hard to find were it not for the help of Applied Kinesiology. Infections live in a sick body cleaning up the debris. However, they are  critical to identify and get rid of while simultaneously strengthening the body. Common infections include parasites, virus, bacteria, and fungi. The right herbal and nutrient combination will almost always take care of the problem.

The key however, is finding the right combination for EACH PERSON.

We are all unique. One herb may kill a parasite in one person and do nothing in another. Applied Kinesiology is a necessity for effective care. And I’ll tell you what, parasites and other infective organisms are a lot more common than most people think.

The spine and cranium are very important for proper health. Without proper structural balance, the nervous system cannot function optimally. And, without optimal function to the organs and tissues of the body, the body starts to weaken allowing food reactions to occur, infections to overtake the body, and toxins to build up.

I’ll give you one hint. The cranium is key.

While most chiropractors focus on the spine, we find that the spine is most often a secondary reaction to tension in the cranial bones. Fix the cranium with specific, painless adjustments and 90% of the spinal distortions go away.

For more on Cranial Imbalances click on the link.

Dehydration. Not much to say here except most people are dehydrated. Each person is unique in how much water they need per day, but strive for at least 2 quarts. This should be filtered water in an alkaline state. The more acidic the water, the more acid build-up in your body. Most bottled and tap water is acidic. And, with so many chemicals in the water (over 500), filtering becomes important.

Are you toxic?

Of course you are.

Look around, do your due diligence. We live in a very toxic world right now. Removing toxins in the body on a regular basis is important for lifelong good health. But, especially with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, identifying the specific toxins in the body and removing them is critical. Common toxins include heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other industrial chemicals such as formaldehyde and solvents. There are some lab tests we can use to monitor these toxins, but utilizing Applied Kinesiology we can get a very detailed picture of what may be burdening somebody. Most of the time we can find the right herbs and nutrients to help pull these chemicals out of the body and support the organs of elimination.

Which leads us to nutrient deficiencies. Absolutely rampant in our society. We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, and the plants that we do eat don’t have nearly the nutrients in them they used to. Plus they are poisoned with chemicals.

Many wise people are starting to take note and take supplements, but most often the ones they are taking are either not doing anything, or are actually harming them. Toxic binders, fillers, and companies that don’t really care about quality are what dominate the shelves in your community. Find a doctor how carries a high quality line.

Trying to find the right supplement for yourself is a nightmare. Again, this is where a trained practitioner utilizing Applied Kinesiology will be able to find the right supplements for you. As an example, you may need extra iron. But which form? One person may need the form of iron picolinate and another iron citrate. Think it doesn’t really matter? Think again. If you don’t have the right form, chances are the supplement will do nothing for you except burn a hole in your pocket. Hire somebody for your health team. I personally don’t check myself. I have it done for me, and so should you.

And our last topic is stress. I’m not going to delve deep into this except to say that stress just flat out weakens every cell of the body. There are many forms of stress besides the commonly thought mental emotional stress. Dehydration is a stress, inadequate nutrients is a stress, toxins are a stress. You see, many of the topics we have already covered are stressors.

I hope I have helped you understand what the key factors are in helping somebody with fibromyalgia, or any chronic condition for that matter. These are the combination’s that a holistic doctor will have to run through in order to help you. Key point here is that it isn’t just one thing, but ALL of them. When all the key factors are addressed correctly, the process is efficient and amazingly fast in most cases. Find a doctor who knows how to find and fix these problems and you will be on your way to great health.

And, just as a disclaimer, Larsen Wellness Center and Dr. Brant Larsen do not diagnose and treat any disease or condition. We help remove the barriers to optimal health and wellbeing, thereby allowing the body to heal and function optimally. When we do this, we find conditions are a thing of the past.

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