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Ouch! And It Only took 11 minutes 59 seconds – Combat Conditioning Body Weight Training

It’s Saturday afternoon as I write this and my legs are still killing me from Wednesday morning!

Now I don’t recommend you do this, but I was trying to beat the clock and push myself more than I have in recent weeks.

And boy am I paying the price for it….


Everybody knows that exercise is ESSENTIAL for a long and healthy life.

Our bodies are designed for motion.

And what doesn’t move stagnates like a putrid swamp.

The lymph becomes clogged.

The liver is congested.

And the muscles and joints lose their flexibility.

So moving your machine every day is essential. Get that heart rate up and do some deep breathing.


10 minutes a day can do wonders. You don’t have to spend 45 minutes in a gym with a fancy workout outfit on.

It took me just 11 minutes and 59 seconds to completely overtax myself, to the point where I am still sore 3 days later and likely will still have soreness tomorrow!

So, 5 minutes or 10 minutes a day at a slightly slower pace CAN give you a pretty good workout.

The key is to do something everyday.

People report that they start craving better foods, the more they eat better foods.

The same thing happens with exercise.

The more you add it into your day, everyday, the more your body will want to have motion.

It will crave it.

But make no mistake about it. The more you become sedentary, the more this becomes the norm for you.

Your brain will crave the couch and the potato chips. It settles in to lymph stagnation.

It’s Newton’s Law…

A body at rest, tends to stay at rest.

Just like a body in motion, tends to stay in motion.

But for many of you, you have to get over that initial hurdle.

One of my mentors, Dr. Bob Marshall has had a  successful radio show for 30 years.

He said whenever the dreaded E-word is the topic of the show, not near as many people tune in.

And I am convinced that is because most people think they need to get all dressed up, go to the gym and workout for 45-60 minutes, shower, drive home, and do that again tomorrow.

Most people just don’t have the time for that kind of commitment.

It’s why I always tell people to start with 1 minute every single day.

Just 1 minute

It’s all it takes to BEGIN a habit.

But when you do that 1 minute of exercise I want you to FOCUS on what you are doing.

Feel into your body.

You see, so many people just go through the motions.

You need to pay attention to what is happening inside of you.

It’s easy to just whip out a few pushups or squats, but it’s a whole different story to actually pay attention to what you are doing.

The benefits you get from paying attention are so much greater.

When you have focus on your muscles and how you are feeling when you do the exercises, your mind can put the necessary effort into making the changes you desire.

More nerve force is directed to the area, creating bigger, faster changes.

And changes are what you are looking for.

Now you could say that I wasn’t paying too much attention to my body when I did the intense 11 minute 59 second workout.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so darn sore for the past 3 days!

But, I WAS paying attention.

I was actually training my mind. I wanted to see if I would give up when the going got tough.

The last 20 seconds were an all out blitz to reach my desired number of repetitions before my timer reached 12 minutes.

And I didn’t quit.

I wouldn’t quit.

And I made my crazy goal.

But my message to you is this:

A few minutes a day, will go a long, long way.

Don’t overlook that. It’s powerful.

And don’t quit.

Don’t stop your few minutes a day exercise sessions after just a few days or a week.

Keep going.

The benefits happen over time. Kind of like compound interest.

Albert Einstein said it was one of the wonders of the world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your finances, or your health, the benefits add up little by little over time.

I know you can do it. Every successful person puts one foot in front of the other. Just like everybody else.

The difference is that they do it faithfully over time.

And next thing you know, a year or two has gone by and you are a totally different person because of it….

Now, it’s time for me to end the show for today.

I’m going to go put my highly ionized, infrared Earthwrappe on my legs.

It’s time to flush some of these toxic waste products out so I can get good, healing blood moving again.

Remember, life is motion.

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