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Pain Free After 1 Year By Getting Off Nightshades!

Many people in this world live in chronic pain everyday. Day after day their joints hurt to the point of taking dangerous NSAID’s every single day ripping apart their stomach and not even knowing it.

Did you know that 16,500 people die each year from NSAID use?

A painkiller is not a REAL solution. It’s a temporary band-aid to get you through a troublesome time, NOT a way to live your life.

A smarter approach would be to find the true cause and remove it. And that’s what this blog post is about. A potential solution for many people…

One of the most common things in the American diet is the nightshade family of foods.

These food include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Peppers
  • Paprika
  • Eggplant
  • Tobacco

Except for the tobacco, it sounds like a lot of really good foods that we should be eating on a regular basis.

But, could you be one of the people that this group of foods is poisonous for?

And I don’t mean poisonous in the form of an acute attack, but in the form of chronic long-term problems.

You see, many people have what is called Solanine Toxicity Syndrome.

And one of the ONLY ways of finding this is with muscle testing.

There is no blood test for it.



The only other way is by choosing to stop eating these foods and see what happens.

And one of the most common problems I see with people who have Solanine Toxicity Syndrome is…


And oftentimes lots of it.

Many of these people have been labeled with arthritis.

Or osteoporosis.

But like everything in this world. There is always a cause, and these diagnoses don’t mean anything.

They just tell you the end result.

Label it with a fancy name.

And in many of these cases, these people are suffering from an inability to fully breakdown and excrete a  compound found within the nightshade family of foods.

Alpha Solanine.

Everybody is different, and this family of foods was considered poisonous into the 1800’s.

People literally didn’t eat potatoes.

They planted them next to the pig pens so the pigs had something to eat, but the PEOPLE didn’t eat them.


Now, we don’t go a day without some nightshades.

Now I’m not telling everybody to stop eating nightshades because not everybody has a problem with them.

It’s just certain people.

And like I said, these people often have pain, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and a few other symptoms that aren’t found near as common as


Just recently I had a patient tell me how she was doing.

I will let her tell the story…

“For several years I had a hard, swollen, red joint in my  little finger. My other finger joints had some swelling  but it was my little finger that ached. I had a baseline bone scan done in my late 40’s. My  doctor called with the results, stating I had serious  osteoporosis. I was put on Fosamax.

I have done AK Chiropractic for thirty years and had  asked about my little finger but nothing came up. When  I first saw Dr. Larsen I asked him about the hard swelling  and pain. He immediately tested me for nightshades/solanine  sensitivity and I tested positive.

I completely stopped eating nightshade and I took Thera  Supreme. It took about a year to no longer have the hard  swelling, redness and pain. I have now been off nightshades  for 3 1/2 years. It has been amazing to see my fingers recover  especially my little finger. I have been amazed at the lack of  pain. I had become used to the constant ache and now it is  totally gone. I didn’t realize how painful it had been.

I have been off Fosamax for several years now and continue  to have bone scans free of osteoporosis. I believe my nightshade free diet has resulted in my healthy bones.”


There you have it.

I have several more people with similar results.

Some of them took several months to notice a difference, and some of them noticed a difference within a week.

It just depends on the person.

But realize this….

Solanine toxicity is a REAL thing. And no medical doctor will EVER find it. Heck, virtually every chiropractor won’t find it either, just like Claudia mentioned.

I didn’t even find it for my first 5 years in practice until I ran across some information about it, started testing for it and voila!

I was stunned.

But this is what I believe my job is about.

Finding the CAUSE.

It’s not something I enjoy finding in a patient because it means giving up an oftentimes favorite food.

But at least they now have a choice…



The pleasure of the food.

The choice is theirs, and quite often we can find a balance with how much that person can eat. They don’t often have to eliminate it completely for the rest of their lives.

So if you know somebody in chronic pain, has been labeled with arthritis, or has osteoporosis, send them this info.

They may be hugging you next time you see them.

And by the way, it is WAY easier to just rule out nightshade sensitivity with a muscle test than it is to just try to be off the food for a period of time. As you read in Claudia’s case, it took a year for her finger to get better.

What if your pain isn’t due to nightshades? Would you want to wait a year without peppers, or tomatoes to find out?

I didn’t think so. If this is you, just make an appointment, I’ll be happy to help!

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  • Lynn August 31, 2014, 10:37 pm

    What is the name of the test to take for sola one toxicity? Thank you.

  • Dr. Larsen September 1, 2014, 1:11 pm

    Hi Lynn, There isn’t a blood test for sensitivity to nightshades/solanine. We use neurological reflex testing such as applied kinesiology.

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