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Percy Harvin’s Migraine Nightmare

If you’re a Vikings fan at all this has to just frustrate you until no end.  One of the most explosive and exciting players to enter into the league and he’s battling severe migraines, missing up to two weeks at a time.  And, if you’re a Vikings arch enemy, you’re probably rejoicing since now you have one less thing to worry about.

Being the curious doctor that I am it just makes me wonder what is going on with him.  Why has he had these debilitating attacks since he was young?  What is causing them, and can it be corrected?

Utilizing the techniques of applied kinesiology I have helped many people with migraines, generalized headaches, digestive problems, chronic knee pain and the list goes on.  Am I saying I could help Percy out?  I wouldn’t really know until I saw him.  But I can say this, the success rate I have seen in my office is very, very high.  If somebody comes in and their symptoms don’t go away, either they weren’t willing to do what it takes to get better, or there is something more serious going on.

I would imagine in the Vikings superstar’s case, anything serious has already been ruled out.  So my thought is that it is much simpler (which is usually the case anyway).  It’s the little things, getting back to the basics of human physiology that are probably going to correct his problem.

I’ll give two of the most common reasons I have seen for people having migraines and headaches.

Number one is food sensitivities.  This is becoming so common I feel like it’s all I do all day long sometimes.  It doesn’t matter what the symptoms people come in with, they seem to have some sort of food reaction component.  And when the offending food or foods are removed from the diet completely, the symptoms go away.  Doesn’t matter if it’s migraines,  irritable bowel or stiff joints.  If this issue isn’t addressed, they don’t make much progress, period.

Now I know there are a lot of people in the medical profession saying this is a bunch of hooey (not all of them), but ask any practitioner who deals with this on a regular basis and they will tell you it’s amazing the number of different symptoms or “diseases” foods can cause.

Not too long ago a young boy was brought into my office with the diagnosis of ADD.  His mother had an entire packet of information from the hospital.  I skimmed through it and noticed a section on what does NOT cause ADD.  Sure enough food sensitivities were in there.  Talk about ridiculous!  They went on to say there is no proof.  It makes  me wonder who in the world they are talking to because when you find the right food or foods and eliminate them, these kids get better, and they get better FAST.  And what happened to that kid?  He got better.

And I have similar stories with migraines sufferers.  One person had them for 10 years, but after eliminating corn and soy (based on our testing) from their diet had no migraines for the past 3 months and counting.  It was that easy.

Does Mr. Harvin have food sensitivities?  I don’t know, but it would be really fun to find out.  Maybe I’ll get the chance some day.

The number two most common thing I find with migraine sufferers is cranial bone imbalance.  I know, you’re thinking, WHAT?  The truth is that the bones of the skull move, they’re not fused. And don’t let anybody ever tell you otherwise.  Normalizing the motion of these bones is one of the most powerful things I do in my practice.  When they jam, they can cause any number of problems, including glandular problems, back problems, neck stiffness, TMJ, headaches, and even joint pain throughout the body.  It’s truly astonishing what can change when these bones are normalized.

So how do they jam?  Dental procedures, infections, birth trauma (very common), and any bump or jar to the head.  Hmmm, let me think.  Last time I checked, Percy Harvin was one of the toughest football players I’ve seen.  He takes hits and keeps on going.  Any hit like that whether it be in the NFL or a Pop Warner league is enough to start the problem.  So are his cranial bones functioning optimally?  I’ve never met one person’s who were.  I don’t see why he would be any different.

But most likely it’s a combination of a few things.  I just hope the Vikings are willing to look out of their normal sphere of influence, and what allopathic medicine has to offer.  Because Percy Harvin is one heck of a football player and Sunday’s just seem to be more fun when he’s in the lineup.


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  • Dinah Minear June 6, 2010, 4:29 pm

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  • Dr. Larsen June 6, 2010, 10:16 pm

    The most common reasons I have seen for teeth grinding is either parasites or some sort of buried emotional trauma.

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