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Piercings and Your Health


It never ceases to amaze me the complexities of the human body.

Astonishing really.

We just had another person who had a piercing that was affecting their lower back.

Symptoms were back pain, and when I tested the neurological integrity of her lower back muscles, they were completely useless.

That was last visit.

Fast forward to the current visit and it’s a different story.

She now has full control of her lower back muscles and noticed a marked difference right away after taking the nose piercing out.

Yep, a nose piercing.

Not even a belly button piercing or something that was down near the lower back.

It was way up on the nose.

But boy can piercings really disrupt the electrical flow of energy in the body.

Especially anything on the midline.

The piercing was just off center, but it was close enough to mess with a major acupuncture channel.

Like I said….

the human body is absolutely amazing.

And it isn’t just piercings. It’s tattoos, previous  broken bones, surgeries, scars, etc.

All of these things can severely disrupt the flow of electrical current in the body.

Imagine somebody going their whole life with pain because of a piercing.

Or a tattoo.

Or an episiotomy scar (REALLY, REALLY common!).

Or maybe they have brain fog, or leg swelling, a heart condition, or a thyroid disorder all coming from a piercing, tattoo, scar, etc..

We have the technology to find these things. It’s called Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA).

And we have the technology to correct it in the vast majority of cases.

Test it out. If you have pain in an area of your body, take the piercing out and see if it changes it.

Maybe it will.

Maybe it won’t.

But at least you’ll know.

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