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Ron Morris and Hanzo Share Thoughts

If you have been around long enough – (and I have) 25 plus years in the fitness and health game, written books, managed gyms, created schools, etc. You come to recognize a true talent, a real master of the craft they lay claim to. Dr Brant is one of those rare cases, a true healer and educator, a no nonsense guy. For me and my reputation to endorse anything or anyone is rare and must be TRUE. After all you are the company you keep and good company is Dr Brant. I trust in him and so can you.

Ron Morris
Author, Teacher, Speaker, Creator of Hanzo Philosophy

Ron Morris has been a tremendous resource for me in my personal quest for better health, better fitness, and a deeper connection with life.  Check his site out to learn more.  If you want to see more Health Dynamics Testimonials check out the Topics section on the right toolbar.
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