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Sick Care Industry

There is a lot going on with the new health care reform.

But is it really about health care?

We are the most overweight, diseased country in the world. Our health care system ranks dead last in terms of quality of care.

The primary modes of treatment are poisoning with drugs and injections…

and surgery.

Our country is going bankrupt just trying to pay for this reactive system.

And now it’s going to get worse. I credit Obama for stepping up to the plate, but it isn’t going to cut it. They’re barking up the wrong tree.

We have the most diseased country for a reason.

Modern medicine is a failure when it comes to keeping people healthy.

(It’s a whole different story with regards to emergency care where we are the best in the world)

At least we got one thing right.

Nobody is talking about nutrient deficiency, toxins, chronic infections or nerve function being optimized.

They still don’t know that the bones of the skull move, even though it’s been proven in research studies.

And diet?

Whoa, don’t even go there.

The medical profession doesn’t have a clue when it comes to nutrition.

The evidence is in what they recommend for diabetic patients.

It’s terrible.

Read the following post from Mike Adams called Health Care Dictatorship. It’s important for your and your family’s health.

The answers to our health care problem are simple, and cheap.

It’s a heck of a lot easier to keep yourself healthy, than to try to regain your lost health.

And, it’s way more cost efficient.

Actually, it’s not even close.

Have a great week, and think about the choices you are making right now. Where are they leading you?

-Dr. Larsen

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