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St. Francis Softball Catcher Saves Her Season With Dr. Brant Larsen’s Chiropractic Kinesiology

Dr. Larsen,

I want to thank you for getting me back on the field and catching again! When I first went to Dr.Larsen I could not extend my knee.  After my first visit the pain was less and range of motion was better.  Dr. Larsen did a bunch of things to test my knee to see what might be effecting it.  He even found a sprained ankle from volleyball 2 years ago.

Dr. Larsen is amazing !!

Thank You

Brianna Bloxham


This was  few years back, but what a fun case. Start of her senior year, starting softball catcher and she has been injured for 3 weeks and can’t play. Doesn’t make for a happy camper.

Sudden onset of right knee pain. Physical therapy was actually making the knee worse. Initial testing revealed a popliteus muscle (muscle in the back of the knee) that was not firing and when I touched over the gall bladder area she just about fell off the table in pain. This is an extremely common finding in my office. For the past 40 plus years applied kinesiologists have recognized that the popliteus muscle and the gallbladder are somehow related. Meaning, when the gallbladder starts to malfunction so does the popliteus.

The cause?

Toxins, and a poor diet. So this case of knee pain was caused from a gallbladder dysfunction. I found the right nutritional product for her body based on applied kinesiology testing and she was back to normal within a few days. The product helped her dump the sludge out of her gallbladder, but the real fix is changing the diet.

Remember, the cause of a problem is not always where the pain is. Actually, it usually isn’t. If I had tunnel vision and only concentrated on her knee, Brianna would still be in pain, AND she would be well on the road to having her gallbladder removed down the road.

Without kinesiological testing, I really don’t know how a person would figure this out quickly. It’s probably why our “healthcare” system costs so darn much money. Too much tunnel vision and expensive tests that aren’t needed.


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