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St. Paul Woman Overcomes Rash With Chiropractic Kinesiology

Doctors wanted to put Joy on countless antibiotics for a chronic rash. Sure enough I found food reactions to corn and soy. We also supplemented her diet to help get rid of some toxins and get rid of fungus and yeast.

The rash started to disappear in no time. And after a few months she was able to go back and eat both corn and soy with no problems.

It’s one thing to diagnose a food sensitivity, but it’s a whole different story to actually correct them, and that’s just what we did. In most people the process will take a few months. Then, they can go back and eat the food again.

Fungus, yeast, viruses, bacteria, and parasites are actually quite easy to pick up with kinesiology methods. Now, obviously I can’t say for certain that somebody has them due to legal issues. However, the kinesiology testing can suggest the patient has these problems.

These problems are VERY common in our society.


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