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Hiatal hernia, digestive trouble, and neck pain relieved

Dr. Brant Larsen’s kinesiology has transformed my life. I have had emotional issues of past traumas from childhood resolved with his muscle testing.  He is so in tune with the body and how our bodies hold traumas and pain.  He has found in my muscle responses issues that I have forgotten were issues with my body.  A pain on one day goes away and during a visit to Dr. Brant, I will find that he not only has found the forgotten pain, but he addresses the issue and my whole being is better.  My emotional, physical and spiritual well being has been improved by his knowledge and expertise. Where else can you find such a drastic change.  One would have to experience it to believe it. I know if I had not experienced his ‘magic’, I would not have believed it.

He has also improved my grandson’s biting. My grandson would bite kids at the daycare that his mom owns, and nothing would get him to stop this behavior.  I brought him to Dr. Brant, and within a couple of treatments, his biting dropped dramatically.  His life, his mom’s life and the daycare benefited by the work that Dr. Brant does.

My daughter and her family go to him, and have found a new lease on life because of it. I am very glad that I found this wonderful treatment.

Thank you Dr. Brant.

Paula Gardin
Milltown, WI

Hip pain gone with mudpacking!


I came to Dr. Larsen due to issues w/ my knees. I am an avid outdoors person, spending my free time hiking, backpacking, biking, kayaking, and skiing. Typically I have experienced the most knee discomfort when I backpacked.

Dr. Larsen discovered I have a wheat/gluten sensitivity. Since becoming more conscious of this sensitivity, I have learned to change my diet and learned of many of the various health related problems that can result from the overabundance of wheat in many products, not just food.

During my first “gluten-free” backpack trip in August 2007, I enjoyed a completely pain-free 4-day, 32 mile hike on the North Shore. The sacrifice of giving up once beloved foods is nothing compared to the joy I felt completing those last few miles of that hike! Dr. Larsen’s technique can open up worlds of information to improve all areas of your life.

Receiving treatments from him has certainly made my life healthier and more dynamic.

Sherri K.


I have been bringing my son in to see Dr. Larsen for almost 2 years now.  My sister recommended him to me because he was able to help her children with several issues, so I thought I would give him a try too.

My son was 12 years old then and playing tennis competitively (he is 14 now).   He started having pain in his knees.  A visit to an orthopedic doctor and x-rays determined there was no joint issue and he was sent to physical therapy for muscle strengthening exercises.  Despite physical therapy, his knee pain continued to plague him on and off for months.  Then I brought him in to see Dr. Larsen.  He was able to make various adjustments and using special taping of his legs helped him with this trouble.

Around the same time frame my son was having problems with right arm tightness and pain.  Dr. Larsen identified that his biceps muscle was no longer working properly resulting in overuse of his triceps muscle as a result of an allergy/sensitivity to corn. Taking him off all corn products resolved the issue within days.

My son was also sick fairly frequently during the winter, especially with throat infections.  Dr. Larsen told us his immune system was stressed (especially his adrenal glands) and recommended various ways to boost his immune system, including extra vitamins and Isagenix shakes.  He has continued taking these for the past year and beginning about 4 months after taking them my son is now rarely sick and when he does become ill it is only for about 24 hours, rather than the usual 5-7 days like before.

I continue to bring my son to Dr. Larsen on a regular basis to assure his optimal health.

Minnetonka, MN


Dr. Larsen,

I want to thank you for getting me back on the field and catching again! When I first went to Dr.Larsen I could not extend my knee.  After my first visit the pain was less and range of motion was better.  Dr. Larsen did a bunch of things to test my knee to see what might be effecting it.  He even found a sprained ankle from volleyball 2 years ago.

Dr. Larsen is amazing!!

Thank You

Brianna Bloxham


Completely individualized healthcare is what I and my family have received at Health Dynamics. Dr. Larsen’s method of treatment has many times quickly pin pointed and corrected the source of problems for us.

He has been a huge help to me in dealing with a number of issues that have suppressed my immune system. From food sensitivities, removal of toxins, nutritional help, removal of emotional blocks (very cool), structural work and the list could go on and on, but you get the idea. Work in all of these areas have helped to improve my health in a very fun, and life changing way.

My youngest son had a knee injury from football that bothered him on and off for close to a year. With the work that Dr. Larsen did in one visit the knee pain has disappeared and is no longer a problem for him.

My oldest son tends to end up with a sinus infection following every cold because things just don’t seem to drain right. In a normal winter season we would have had to treat the sinus infections with antibiotics. Thanks to Dr. Larsen we were able to avoid the sinus infections this year. With his ability to clear the blockages, everything drains and we’re good to go.

Dr. Larsen was able to recommend an absolutely fabulous nutritional cleansing line of products that resulted in weight loss of 50 plus pounds for my husband.

All too often it seems that symptoms are treated, only to further confuse and complicate things, so I truly appreciate Dr. Larsen’s ability to get to the source of problems.  No matter what your health issues are, I would definitely recommend giving Dr. Larsen’s method of healthcare a try.

North Branch, MN


Unlike many testimonials I do not have a dramatic story of having suffered terribly for years, to have Dr. Larsen miraculously cure me in one visit.  I only wish, but that is not my style.  My story is more subtle, but none the less a testimony to his abilities. My daughter brought me to Dr. Larsen.  She had been seeing him for some time and for my Christmas present last year she gave me an initial consultation.  I had intended to go see him for several months, but just kept putting it off.  This was just the impetus I needed.  I wanted to see him primarily because over the past year the visits to my then current chiropractor had become increasingly less productive and more and more painful – I dreaded each appointment that I set.  I knew I needed a change in direction.

My initial consultation/treatment went very well, and over the next 3-4 months I was increasingly amazed with the results after each treatment.  Unlike every other chiropractor I had seen, Dr. Larsen did not insist that I come in 3 times a week in order to make any progress with my problems.  Rather, he indicated that my body would guide my treatment schedule, and this is working wonderfully.

On two separate occasions, Dr. Larsen had asked if I was experiencing problems/pain in a specific area.  I was, although I had not mentioned it to him or anyone else for that matter.  In each instance after his adjustment, there was tremendous improvement.  In the case of my jaw, which my previous chiropractor had been adjusting for over a year with marginal improvement, after just one cranial adjustment from Dr. Larsen the discomfort was almost completely gone.

Although his approach and philosophies may be viewed with skepticism and appear nontraditional they have provided much reduction in my back/hip pain, and jaw discomfort in a very short time.  After each visit I have an inner sense (and this is very difficult to put into words) of enthusiasm, excitement or strength.  Instead of dreading my appointments, I look forward to my appointments and to achieving new levels of progress on my path to wellness. My only wish is that I had heard of Dr. Larsen years ago!

Renee DeSteno
North Branch, MN

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