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Dr. Larsen and Larsen Wellness Center are amazing.  I have so many “success” stories that it would take many pages so I will just highlight a few.  My 14 year old daughter  has had two knee surgeries.  After her second knee surgery the Orthopedist  told my husband and I that the cartilage in her knee was so damaged and soft. He even thought she may need a knee replacement in the years to come. He recommended that she stay away from all impact sports. Guess what her favorite sports are?  Basketball, Volleyball and Softball.  Volleyball is her passion.  After working so hard in physical therapy all summer I decided to let her try out for the High School Volleyball team.  However, when I picked her up after the first day of tryouts she was crying badly complaining of so much pain.  I had heard about Dr. Larsen from two of my neighbors.  They both highly recommended him so I gave him a call.  That very day he saw my daughter.  Upon his examination, he found that  the majority of her muscles on  the right side of her body were not working correctly.  So he did his “magic” and to my amazement she got up off that table without her crutches and was completely fine and has had  NO KNEE PAIN SINCE!!! She made the “A” team!  Recently, during one of her volleyball practices she landed wrong and badly sprained her ankle.  I thought for sure it was broken.  She couldn’t walk and it was so swollen.  Two days after this particular incident I brought her in to see Dr. Larsen and he … well to be honest I don’t even know quite what he did but I don’t even care because whatever he did it worked.  She once again walked out without crutches and without pain.

Now for another success story. (see? I told you it would be long!)  My 7th grade son is a very bright boy but he has always struggled a bit with reading.  He reads a little slower than most and has difficulty comprehending what he has read.  I took him to Dr. Larsen and he performed some cranial adjustments on him and since then his speed of reading and his comprehension has improved incredibly. My son  loves Dr. Larsen and says “he’s like Jesus” (a healer).

Okay, now I have saved the absolute best for last!!!  My 15 year old daughter was born with Turner Syndrome (a chromosomal abnormality).  One of the secondary characteristics of Turner Syndrome is severe edema(fluid) in her feet.  She has never worn a pair of “normal” shoes.  In fact you can’t even really tell she has toes because the swelling is so bad. Anyhow, I was so pleased with the results in regards to my other two kids, I asked Dr. Larsen if he could do anything with my other daughter’s feet ( many specialists said there was nothing they could do).  He didn’t promise anything but said he would see what he could do.  He examined her and then proceeded to tape her feet and legs in a few places as well as put her on some vitamins/minerals for her spleen.  WITHIN TWO DAYS THE EDEMA IN HER RIGHT FOOT WAS HALF THE SIZE!!!! Today, the edema is almost completely  gone in her right foot and  for the first time in my life, I can actually see all of her toes, they look completely normal.  Her left foot which has always been her worst has improved considerably too.  I cried tears of joy over that!! Not only is Dr. Larsen good at his profession, but he is such a  fun-loving, kind and caring man.  I truly believe that GOD has given him the gift of healing the body, mind and spirit. THANK YOU DR. LARSEN!!!!!!!!!

Diane Tich & Family (James, Jennifer, Sarah, and Jimmy)


If you have been around long enough – (and I have) 25 plus years in the fitness and health game, written books, managed gyms, created schools, etc. You come to recognize a true talent, a real master of the craft they lay claim to. Dr Brant is one of those rare cases, a true healer and educator, a no nonsense guy. For me and my reputation to endorse anything or anyone is rare and must be TRUE. After all you are the company you keep and good company is Dr Brant. I trust in him and so can you.

Ron Morris
Author, Teacher, Speaker, Creator of Hanzo Philosophy


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