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I had struggled with stomach aches for about ten years.  After seeing several traditional doctors and even a naturopath and finding no relief I assumed the stomach aches were something I would have to live with.  I began seeing a dramatic change after my first visit to Dr. Larsen and now my stomach aches are virtually non-existent.  Dr. Larsen has also helped me in other areas that were chronic including overproduction of yeast in my body.  I am also able to understand my body’s needs much better since beginning to see Dr. Larsen.  I always look forward to my appointments with him because I learn something new about my body!”

Katie Vargo
St. Paul, MN

Grain Free Diet helps skin and chronic digestive problems.

 Chronic hip pain relieved with mud packing.

Phil goes through 33 chiropractors before finding relief!

Competitive triathlete regains shoulder function after a painful injury.

Medical doctors can’t find source of woman’s rash. Daughter stops chronic “sniffling” after removing corn and soy from her diet.

Linda likes the gentle treatments and thorough approach. She was able to go on a 3 week hiking trip after being seen at our office.

After just a few weeks lower back pain and fatigue are greatly diminished from removing corn and soy from Sydney’s diet.

Kurt drops 7 strokes on his golf game for 9 holes and eliminates his chronic achy muscle problem.

After neck and lower back herniated discs, medical doctors tell Mike he has a 5 pound weight restriction for life.  Find out what happens…

Skeptical patient finds out that with kinesiology based treatments his need for weekly chiropractic visits are a thing of the past.

Swimmer eliminates shoulder and elbow pain with kinesiology based treatments.

Testimonial Page 1 2 3 4 5 6