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The Man Who Slept For 3 Days Straight

So I am talking with a patient last week and I am telling this completely amazing story of a patient that came in to see me in my first 6 months in practice.

And she tells me…

You have GOT to tell that story again! Send an email out or something, but it’s just so amazing not to be heard again!

So I thought this was the perfect time.


Because the UPS guy delivered this really awesome package to the office last Friday.

Some of you have only been adjusted by me with the Arthrostim that I currently use.

But some of you remember the “old days” when I had a drop piece table.

Ah, the things we could do with that table.

I even had one person comment the other day that she missed the “old cranial adjustments”.

Yeah, me too.

So, I bought a new table!

And those of you who haven’t experienced these types of adjustments yet are in for a treat.

So what was that story I was going to tell?

Oh yeah, the guy who slept for 3 solid days after his first treatment!

Now, don’t be scared…

I have talked to a LOT of doctors and mentioned this story and NOBODY has ever heard of this happening or had it happen to them.

But it is one powerful story.


A 35 year old guy comes into my office.

He looks TERRIBLE.

Probably looks like he is 135. Bloodshot eyes, chronic pain in his entire body, and bags under his eyes.

He proceeds to tell me that he only sleeps 3 hours per night because if he sleeps more, he gets really sick.

Hmmm, sounds like a REALLY toxic person to me.

So I take his history and find out that 10 years prior he was driving 80 miles per hour, slipped on some ice, hit a tree, and bounced off and hit a house….

…completely fracturing his face in multiple, multiple places.

And guess what?

That event is when all his pain started.

So, as many of you know, in Applied Kinesiology we can figure out what each individual person’s body wants treatment on.

I found all kinds of things wrong on him, but what I wanted to know was, what did his body want to work on?

What did his body find the MOST important.

And if you guessed cranial adjustments you would be right.

Cranial Subluxations

About 60 of them in that first visit.

Nothing that hurts, just very specific work to free up the joints in the skull.

And that was it, he left with instructions to come back in about a week.

So a week rolls by and I see this guy in the waiting room.

I don’t recognize him at first, but then I can see that it was the patient with the head fractures.

He is all smiles.

We walk back to the treatment room and he proceeds to tell me this amazing story….

Shortly after he started driving home, he realized there was no way he was going to make it.


So, he called his friend who had referred him in and asked if he could crash at her house since it was much closer.

So he did.

Then he woke up and went and found her.

He asked her what day it was, and she said Thursday.

Then he asked what day he got there.


He was stunned.

He had slept for 3 straight days!

Can you imagine?

Not getting up at all for 3 straight days to see the sunlight.


And then he told me that ALL his pain was GONE and he was now sleeping 8-9 hours every single night and had more energy than he had in years.

Go figure!

There is like a .000000001 chance I will ever experience that again, so don’t think that’s going to be you.

This guy was in such desperate need of care that his body completely shut down while it made the necessary repairs.

What does an Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor do?

We just remove the interferences and then let the  body do the healing.

And this guy had some MAJOR interference in his body.

Cranial bones that are moving correctly are one of the most important things in the body.

We can do a good job in adjusting them with the Arthrostim, but after about 2 years of experimenting it is clear that by using a drop table we can do a much better job in most cases.

So we purchased a new table!

I am always looking to add new tools and get new training to help improve your nervous system function.

If you are looking to make a Quantum Leap in your health, give the office a call and experience our new addition.

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