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What Is Your Physical Retirement?

A few weeks ago I had a really enlightening conversation with somebody.

This was a person I had never met before, and we were talking about health, fitness, and it turns out….


And in particular, PHYSICAL retirement.

The woman that I was talking to was telling me that she educates her clients (she is a personal trainer) on what their physical retirement is.

I thought this was BRILLIANT!!

I really liked how she put that.

What is YOUR physical retirement?

Think hard about this.

Most people just think about their finances when they think about retirement.

But retirement requires something other than just money…

It requires YOU!!!

And in particular, you in good robust health.

Who wants to be retired and miserable?

Retired and on 12 medications?

Retired and not able to keep up with the kids and their grandkids?

Retired and not able to do the things you planned on doing….. once you retired!

Nobody is the answer.

We all want the good life.

And we all deserve it.

But we have to plan it.

Good, robust health doesn’t just happen. It’s by design. It’s the little things every day. As I write this, I am drinking my kombucha.

I could be drinking a Diet Croak or any other chemically laden drink, but I am choosing the power of kombucha.


Because it makes me feel amazing. I can feel the energy starting to flow through me with the first sip.

And I know I am contributing to a robust physical retirement.

I am putting money in my account so to speak.

And the flip side is also true. Every time you eat some jelly beans (I had a few over the Easter holiday) you take money out of the account.

Well okay, probably several handfuls.

But here is the point.

As long as that account is going in the right direction I am doing good.

Just like with money.

I can splurge once in a while on something dumb.

But I can’t do it everyday and expect to have my account continue to grow.

There needs to be the right amount of balance.

So think about your PHYSICAL retirement. I bet that puts it into a different perspective for you.

I know it did for me when she said those words over the phone.

So much so that I literally had goose bumps when I heard it.

Start planning NOW.

Whoops. I heard the voice in your head say….

I’ll start Monday.


Don’t listen to that voice.

Monday is not special. So start today. Start adding value to that account of yours (your body), and watch your life improve day by day.

Dr. Brant


P.S. For those of you who struggle with the mental aspect, I have recommended the Zero Resistance  Living course by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. I am a big fan of Dr. Maltz’s work, and this course is his lifelong project. Enjoy.

P.P.S. It’s kind of hard to plan for an awesome physical retirement when your mind keeps getting in the way. Get Dr. Maltz’s course now and live life with Zero Resistance.

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