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Your Emotional Baggage Can Run the Show

As I write this, I am sitting in my hotel room reflecting on the day.

It’s been a powerful weekend so far.

I have learned many new techniques in healing, and deepened my understanding of many more.

But one thing is for certain…

“Life is not static, it’s alive.”

These were the words of one of my patients last week.

And I couldn’t agree more.

And to take it one step further. If you are not improving yourself, you are going backwards.

There is no such thing as maintenance, or keeping where you are at.

It just doesn’t happen in life. We are either moving forward toward our dreams, goals, or health improvements, or we are going the opposite direction.

And so it is with myself.

I have had a lot of work done on myself over the years.

Structural work.

Neurological work.

Energy work.

Emotional work.

I have cleared infections.

Gotten rid of toxins.

And constantly improved my nutrition.

But we can always get better, and that happened to me today.

My right shoulder has been bothering me for quite a few months. A nagging ache, some clunking, and even some numbness in my hand from time to time.

And as the doctors were working on me today, I was getting better and better.

But the one thing that made a dramatic improvement was the emotional correction.

As I was getting some magnet therapy done, I had a sudden flash of falling out of a treehouse while at a birthday party as a young kid.

I landed right on the side of my head and right shoulder.

I remember bruising on my chest, pain in my arm, and being really afraid as I took the tumble and hit the ground.

All of this instantly came back to me today as I  was getting worked on.

And as we cleared out some of the emotions related to this event, my shoulder pain decreased substantially, and the clicking and popping vanished.

The range of motion increased quite a bit, and my strength in that arm returned.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast things can leave the body. And how fast changes can happen.

Our bodies are amazing.

And if we just open our minds to the possibilities, magic can happen.

Many of us need to check our egos at the door and realize that we don’t realistically know how the human  body really works.

Having magnets placed on the shoulder, breaking out in a sweat, and remembering a memory from the past is strange enough for some people.

Now couple that with a dramatic reduction in pain, and a shoulder that still feels better than it has in months nearly 5 hours later.

It’s astonishing.

But emotions are powerful. And they have a memory that gets lodged in the tissues of the body.

I still remember one of my first patients.

I did a cranial adjustment on her and she immediately blurted out that she remembers being swung around by her feet by her baby sitter, and then smacking her head on a rocking chair.

This was probably 30 years later, but that memory had still been lodged in the tissues of her skull.

When the adjustment released the restriction, the emotion was free to release.

It had been stagnant all those years. And stagnation leads to disease.

By looking at people from multiple different angles we can release toxins, reprogram allergies, release structural restrictions, rebalance electromagnetics,  repair the nutrition in the body, and release emotions.

When we do this, amazing things can happen.

It takes all 6 corrections, but never underestimate the power of emotions.

If you live far away from our office, (and even if you are a current patient) I suggest you take a look at  Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s life work…

Zero Resistance Living

It is one of the best courses on mental reprogramming I have ever come across.

It will help you get down to the root of many of your self-sabotaging beliefs and old traumas.

I have personally gone through this course too many times to count.

Remember, we can always improve.

As long as we are alive we should strive to be better.

And Dr. Maltz’s course is a timeless classic.

Zero Resistance Living is about cutting through the quagmire that stops you from living an effortless, enjoyable life. I have had many aha moments as I have gone through the course.

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